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Personal Information
Real Name: jesus soriano
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Age: 20 years old
Join Date: February 5th, 2010
Last Update: September 29th, 2010
About hinata604
About Me: i like to have fun and party with friends. I also enjoy skating and waching anime. i help out my friends with there problems and i enjoy helping out anyone who needs it. im kind of clumsy i trip with my own feet and i get distracted easily:)
Activities: i like to skate hang out with friends and do whatever i think is fun. i usually do somethin new everyday so i dont get bored of life and im usually geting chase by cops or security. if you want to know why ask:) i also enjoy playing vidoe games and reading
Interests: anything thats cool that i enjoy and anime im also interested in doctor things and animals. i like to read, play sports,and play instruments
Favorite TV Shows: is supernatural and naruto i also enjoy bleach, death note vampire knight and anything else. if you have sugestion of a good manga or anime tell me
Favorite Movies: is dogoma because its about angels and its funny i enjoy alot of different one. there alot that i have to see but i usually look at old school movies and love stories and action and anything else that seems cool
Favorite Music: My favorite music is everything. i like to hear different types of music so i dont get bored. i enjoy different types of region music jrock i think is called.
Favorite Books: probably circus de friek and naruto books i also enjoy romance and detective books. i realy enjoyed the lovely bones
Favorite Quotes: death is not the end is the begining live your day like its your last what friends do to you u cant do to others

Comments (29)

Thanks for the friend request. ^.^

Posted by Kurumu 4 years ago

Thanks for add mate, sup with the profile name? hinata fan? XD

Posted by Sexy-No-Jutsu 4 years ago

hi there

Posted by kavP15 4 years ago

lol, de donde eres? claro esta de estados unidos pero de donde es tu raja latina

Posted by marife7 4 years ago

HeYY!! ^.^
ThnQ 4 da add..hehe!!
Whys ur name hinata?? Hinata fan??

Posted by AkariUchiChan 4 years ago

hey thank you for the friend request

Posted by xxxmandaxxx_01 4 years ago

hinata is the best

Posted by hinata604 4 years ago

thx for the request

Posted by anna-usik 4 years ago

hey wass up

Posted by PrinceDarkshadow 4 years ago

heyyy wats up?...so ur a hinata fan too? lol

Posted by manga_maniac505 4 years ago

oh hio therre

Posted by deathcat 4 years ago

thanks for the add

Posted by Rei-chan 4 years ago

heyy wats up?...so u skateboard?

Posted by manga_maniac505 4 years ago

hey hi..thanks for adding..how r u?

Posted by putty 4 years ago

hey thx for the add wats up!!

Posted by mangaholic123 4 years ago

hey thx for the add

Posted by WonderfulHinata 4 years ago

Thanks ^::^

Posted by SabakunoPA 4 years ago

thanx for the add

Posted by yadira 4 years ago

thanx for the add

Posted by Roxana_Ramona 4 years ago

thanks for the add ;P

Posted by Mandana 4 years ago

Hiya,thanks for the add

Posted by nikec123 4 years ago

Thnx 4 the friend request.

Posted by XxJessxX 4 years ago

thanks for the add but i dont even know ya, if i was around more often maybe so....

Posted by uchiha_kitten 4 years ago

thanks and your a guy....wait.....what?!

Posted by Temaricutie 4 years ago

hey.....your a dude

Posted by zakata12 4 years ago

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