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Personal Information
Real Name: Kikuchi Kei
Gender: Male
Country: Japan
Age: 23 years old
Join Date: May 12th, 2007
Last Update: May 1st, 2009
About hinataxxxx
About Me: Oh..'Bout me ---->Let's go Chill out!! Hate liar.. Sensitive? maybe.. Frnds first.. I don't know damned.. Ask my frnds or be my frnds will know 'bout me.. Anything else???
Activities: Just like everyone else?
Interests: The truth? may be
Favorite TV Shows: I hate TVzzzz..
Favorite Movies: Its a Korea-series named "Sorry I love You" Its touch ma heart so much T^T
Favorite Music: Umm...Up to my mood?
Favorite Books: Absolutely "NARUTO" "BLEACH" and..err.."BERSERK"?
Favorite Quotes: Next Question Plz-*-

Comments (4)

yupyup n thnks
n wats up K lol
thts a cool name
n nice hair n eyes lol

Posted by xAnastasiaTashax 5 years ago

okie dokie
n it is cool
so uhm lets c watcha wanna know about me??

Posted by xAnastasiaTashax 5 years ago

n r yu 18-19??
grrr idk how to work msn ???

Posted by xAnastasiaTashax 5 years ago


Posted by zacary1212 5 years ago