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Personal Information
Real Name: Radojcic Aleksandar
Gender: Male
Age: 32 years old
Join Date: January 4th, 2009
Last Update: February 4th, 2009
About Il-uvatar
About Me: love any kind of fun stuff and i joke about everything almost all the time
Activities: Nothing special,i used to draw when i was younger but now i dont kinda have the time.
Interests: ANIME first and everything else that has anything to do with movies,music...
Favorite TV Shows: Scrubs,House M.D. and offcourse Naruto
Favorite Movies: Sleepy Hollow,Lord Of The Rings and basically any kind of adventure
Favorite Music: dont have a favourite one but i like.. mmm lets say Dream Theater,Sonata Arctica,Nightwish but also lately some trance and house.
Favorite Books: Talisman,Silmarilion
Favorite Quotes: If something can go wrong, it will If something cant go wrong, it will If Murphys Law can go wrong,it will

Comments (17)

welcome sir!

Posted by marlowe022 5 years ago

welcome funy dude :P

Posted by mariposa13 5 years ago

Nice hat :)

Posted by NarutoXRulez 5 years ago

Welcome welcome

Posted by agiebell 5 years ago

jej Srbin! Smesna slika!^^

Posted by SasuSaku4ever93 5 years ago

Well hi everybody!Excuse my english in advance he he.

Posted by Il-uvatar 5 years ago

I pozdrav za sve koji znaju da procitaju!!!!

Posted by Il-uvatar 5 years ago

Iluvatar...nice. i love tolkien lol

Posted by Hisokasan 5 years ago

take my poll^^

Posted by renzokukenXnaruto 5 years ago


there is it..

Posted by renzokukenXnaruto 5 years ago

ja ja thnx, sure it rules...

Posted by suiit 5 years ago

Are you into stephen king too?? it's hard finding ppl thatt like reading let alone stephen king lol

Posted by oOoxXxKyuubixXxoOo 5 years ago

Same here! But my favourite part of his writing is the fact that his main characters are like regular people with flaws that say holy SHIT when a bigass monster is in front of them lol. I think he takes all his characters from people he's met through life. Hated the ending to the dark towers though lol

Posted by oOoxXxKyuubixXxoOo 5 years ago

I'm kinda partial to 6 degrees of inner turbulence. Just the way the rest of the cd comes from the overture i dunno.... lol and whenever i hear the overture i swear i feel like i just beat a video game lol. Plus i love the song war inside my head DAMN it's just so sexy lol. Well the whole cd is. Don't you ever just listen to some solos and swear you just came in your pants? lol

Posted by oOoxXxKyuubixXxoOo 5 years ago

haha that's cool

Posted by dark_assassin13 5 years ago

hejj pozzam nazad! pa nadam se da si onda poslusao pjesmu, i nema na cemu. btw kako si? ja sad mozda odem poslusati nightwish pa hvala i tebi.

Posted by iivaanaa 5 years ago

shta da rAdim,kad jeste konj -.-
mrzim ga :]

Posted by mixy 5 years ago