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itachi-girl101's Manga

BLEACH - Valentine's day

Ichigo is just trying to get through the most difficult day of his life..! : Valentine's day. He cant just buy chocolates for any girl!.. so his friends rukia,orihime and uryuu must help out but suddenly there is a hollow hell sent on destroying Valentine's day!!With help from some unlikely allies will Ichigo ever get a normal day in his life?

Chap Title Pub Date # Views # Comments Rating View
1 Chocolates (6 pages) Jan 27, 2011 211 2 5 View
2 V is for Vengeance not Valentine - Appearance of the anti- Valentine's Hollow! (2 pages) Feb 11, 2011 133 1 3 View

KuroHana (black flower) Grimmjow and Rukia

this is a short doujin of grimmjow and rukia and although i am not a major fan of GrimmRuki as i much prefer GrimmUlqui or if a straight pair maybe GrimmNel but it was a request from a friend so yea... enjoy :)

Chap Title Pub Date # Views # Comments Rating View
1 KuroHana (black flower) (3 pages) Apr 20, 2011 187 0 5 View

The light and the black flower

just a short doujishi about a student hikaru and his crush on the school nurse kurohana rni love the idea of a forbidden romance :3

Chap Title Pub Date # Views # Comments Rating View
1 Just Love (6 pages) May 01, 2011 175 1 5 View