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Personal Information
Real Name: Some retard guy o.o
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Age: 17 years old
Join Date: March 9th, 2008
Last Update: March 25th, 2009
About ItachiNJ
About Me: i really dont know wat to say about myself only that im awesome
Activities: i go to school play naruto games go places and do other things
Interests: i like anime and to gamble
Favorite TV Shows: naruto,naruto shippuden,bleach,code geass (even though it finished),death note,and inuyasha family guy robot chicken
Favorite Movies: i got too many to list
Favorite Music: i like lots of different music but no counrty or anythin like tat
Favorite Books: the manga
Favorite Quotes: yea....i dont have an- oh wait "you suc scott noah the ****in jerk

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cool art man ^_^

Posted by supa_ty420 5 years ago