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Jericho93's Polls

Question Responses
is it possible naruto to be the next Sage of the Six Paths ? 68
do you think we will see naruto and hinata discuss what hinata told him ? 53
why does naruto had the wiskers when he was born ? 44
Is naruto vs pain what you expected ? 33
episode 167 rocked ? 27
Who was in the last coffin ? 65
Kabutomaru brought Itachi back to life with Edo Tensei does that mean .... 130
Can Naruto end up with Karin ? 93
Tobi....... 55
do you miss haku? 15
Danzo dead.. how did you react 92
Do you like fillers ? 44
What color is sasuke's susanoo? 36
What naruto Site Do you like More? 29
What Of These Do You Think Danzo Is? 76
Kushina... 47
why do you think sasuke is stronger then danzo 50
Just Asking Do you Think Tobi Might Be Shisui? 33
do you think Kage From Fairy Tail Looks Like Shikamaru? 18
Danzo and Tobi not the same person but twins? 186
Do you think kisame is dead ? 111
Unlimiter... 27
Tobi... 88
Danzo ..... 67
do you think naruto remembers that hinata told him that she loves him ? 163
do you think that Fairy Tail is the same as One Piece? 36
Are you 100% sure that Jiraiya Will die in the next 2 episodes? 69
are you mad about this weeks naruto episode ? 62
do you think jiraiya will die in the hext 2 episodes ? 66
do you think that tobi is danzo and not madara? 115
what will happend in the future? 108
what is kisame up to now ? 67
Who do you like more i mean LIKE? 57
in the anime when will jiraiya die ? 34
Who is more sexy? 194
what is behind tobi's mast? 109
Did you enjoy the kakashi gaiden animated? 110
459..460 manga??? 93
What would you like to see?? 86
do you think Danzo and Hanzo are related? 48
What was the power that itachi give naruto ? 147
What Will happend now that sakura knows about naruto's feelings 136
What Did Itachi Give To Naruto? 235
Do you want naruto to end soon or ever ? 146

Created by Jericho93

Nothing much i am drawing alot and other stuff