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Personal Information
Real Name: Saiful Rachman a.k.a Sai-san
Gender: Male
Country: Indonesia
Age: 28 years old
Join Date: March 13th, 2007
Last Update: March 15th, 2009
About jinchuuriki1312
About Me: Self Proclaimed: Im #1 BLEACH Fan In The Entire My Neighborhood. Self Proclaimed: Im Also #1 Naruto Fan In The Entire My Neighborhood. Those 2 manga impressed me so much, its awesome. try read the manga closer, pay attention 2 every words,every gesture, mimic, of the character,every small details n u'll find why its awesome..
Activities: Reading Manga, Work, Play Football on weekend, Video Games, Guitar, Driving, Watch Anime, Movies, J-Rock etc
Interests: So Many 2 tell about... Ulquiorras character/personality (Bleach)
Favorite TV Shows: Anime,Bleach, Naruto, Inuyasha, Rurouni Kenshin,Captain Tsubasa, Hunter x Hunter, Death note, SlamDunk,Smallville, Heroes, Prison Break, The Simpson, mostly i watch it on DVD not on TV my least fav tv show: MTV Scarred.
Favorite Movies: A Walk to Remember, Die Hard 1-4, Lord of the Ring, Man on Fire, Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy, The Matrix 1-3,Serendipity, Spiderman 1-5, Wicker Park, Twilight, Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children
Favorite Music: ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ Rock! u name it lol J rock ( heard the rumor from my friend - he work at Java Musikindo - tht L'arc'en'ciel maybe will perform here in December 09, need further confirmation lol ) Anime songs (Bleach, Naruto,R.Kenshin, etc )
Favorite Books: Manga, Comic, Ayat Ayat Cinta, Harry Potter Series, Laskar Pelangi, The Lord of the Ring Series
Favorite Quotes: Work smart not hard - something my brother told me :) Life is like a piano.The White keys are happy moments, Black keys are sad moments.But both keys r played together 2 give sweet music.Thats life live it.. :)

Comments (162)

heya ^_^

well you're opinion lol

and of course i still like johnny depp *gets nosebleed* but a jk isnt funny forever so i took it out of my profile ^_^

and well had some bad days but its going somehow better, well as long as i dont look at my homeworks T.T and you?

Posted by sesshouchan 5 years ago

you are welcome!:P

u didn't ask so i cant' answer :P

come to think of it the more i think about the "forgotten" ishida it makes m elaugh, just shows how popular he is ....lol

how was ur weekend? c ya XX

Posted by alina87 5 years ago

Hey ur welcome

Nah.. i disagree, i think ur pretty, thts it. lets move on 2 the next subject lol

Oh ur so ryt, freak is better than stupid, i'm Naruto n Bleach freak n i've seen so many stupid ppl here on NC or in the forum lol

P.S. hey, u drunk everyday? lol xD

thanks again lol

so how r u?

yeah..there so many stupid guys here in NC (except u)lol

nah..im just kiddin lol,im not really drunk everyday

Posted by myan666 5 years ago

ok... so i am amoung the stupid people ?!
wow....i'd likw to know it came down to this conclusion lol

anyway ... happy ur happy :D
i am generally bored cuz everyone is stressed about my sisters wedding so that leaves me to much free time to do nothing loll

have a great time at the concert :D XX

Posted by alina87 5 years ago

yeah i've change it..^_^
i look stupid in my pic haha
bfmv concert?
waaahhh!i wanna see them 2..2 bad im here in phils
shame on u...lol just jokin
lol..im drunk ryt now,just got home
i miss my friends so much..
hellyeah..im just sayin what i wanna say

Posted by myan666 5 years ago

of course v.v' no ones better than him XD

well yeah bad days...and im studying at college and working, but to go to work means skipping lots of classes, so if i still wanna finish my study i have to do all the hwks and studying at home after work and send it to my teachers v.v which means 8 hours work + studying/ hwk, and some private trouble stuff v.v i want vacations T.T

what concert you were listening too? someone i know maybe? ^_^ hope you had some fun

well mata na

Posted by sesshouchan 5 years ago

well i hope so' trying my best...

and bullet for my valentine T.T wished i were there too *sniffs*

and yeah lately im fine again and you? ^_^ anything new?

Posted by sesshouchan 5 years ago

well.. i wouldn't go so far as to say i am at the same Bleach level as u
and higher NOOOO way...lol
i mean i read the manga i saw all the episodes and the movies( except the 3rd...mad right now... lol) but i think i miss a few things to be at ur level, although i can't think of none right now lol

how was the concert? had fun?

thanks for ur apreciation i also think ur fun, smart and easy to talk to
bye XX

Posted by alina87 5 years ago

oh yeah... forgot something...

man u sure were angry ..judging from the length of ur comments..3 of them too lol
their not worth it ...

Posted by alina87 5 years ago

i dont think so..but i think lamb of god will perform here on april but im not sure of it yet
im dying to see them waaaaaahhh!

yeah i always text them but they wer to busy :(
hey..will kakashi really die?
waaaah! i hope he won't :(
i havent watch episode 94-95 yet but i already DL it

Posted by myan666 5 years ago

hey wazzap :]

Posted by anbukyoku 5 years ago

Hey sai apa khabar ? can i ask you ? What you think will happen naruto ? ( Chapter 435 )

Posted by hackerumas 5 years ago

Just went to school all week >_>
long week for me pretty boring aswell!
party time tho :3

Posted by anbukyoku 5 years ago

lol i am not that busy right now but i think i will be in a short while... i am the first bridesmaid..:D

about ulquiorra... i have a feeling Ichigo will take a couple of blows again lol.. and if he wins ti will be by someones help or a mistake ulquiorra makes cuz i don't think that Ichigo is as strong as ulquiorrra

although i'd like him to be lol...makes any sense???

hope ur fine always 2 XX

Posted by alina87 5 years ago

im really hopin they will visit here
i love lamb of god so much lol

yeah kakashi is really cool
maybe he's not goin to die..i hope so cuz im goin kill them if they kill kakashi hahahaha

hey how'z d concert and how r u?

i have a hangover again..but im good ^_^
im with my bandmates last night and we're all drunk lol

Posted by myan666 5 years ago

hey!!! I'm doing good how about you? And do i have to make an account to go on the forums?

Posted by oOoxXxKyuubixXxoOo 5 years ago

hope so too T.T they're making pretty good music

oh i hope you feel well soon again *hugs*

and im fine, only a lot of hwk as you know *sighs* v.v no time to enjoy my lazyness T.T

Posted by sesshouchan 5 years ago

ur sick? waaaah!
yeah u really need to see a doctor
better get some rest and get well soon...^_^

Posted by myan666 5 years ago

hello there =^-^=

Posted by ryuk-apples 5 years ago

too bad i won't b able to show pics from the wedding :))

are u really sick? hope u feel better then :D
btw i see u are really popular ..:P

ahh...it be more fun if we were online at the same time LOL

bye bye

Posted by alina87 5 years ago

ohh and...i wanted to ask this for w while now....
why Spiderman 1-5 , arent there 3? or am i behind with the news?

if so i can only say : LOL LOL

Posted by alina87 5 years ago

yeahh... scratch the previous post...i just googled spiderman and ...4 and 5 will be filmed at the same time they say lol

i am still curious how u like them already?? lol

Posted by alina87 5 years ago

I'm probably gonna try checking out the forums at onemanga.com coz that's where i read all my mangas. the flu? That blows.... i hate being sick. I'm feeling a lot better now, except i'm all meh coz my bf's family is coming over tomorrow for dinner-_- His mom hates me sooooooooooooooooo much!lol so what's up?

Posted by oOoxXxKyuubixXxoOo 5 years ago

Ahhh... after a few chapter of battle, now we r goin 2 have Plot No Jutsu chapters in Naruto

but what the?? where's Bleach manga? Ulquiorra looks lyk a demon!! Awesome! but agen where's the manga??

Posted by jinchuuriki1312 5 years ago

Yeah, i'm gonna go check the forums now. I got all distracted on yahoo answers lol. I was answering different people's questions about sex lol

Posted by oOoxXxKyuubixXxoOo 5 years ago