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Personal Information
Real Name: jonathan Gonzalez
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Age: 18 years old
Join Date: August 14th, 2009
Last Update: April 30th, 2010
About jprock
About Me: im a nice guy,and one of the coolest u will ever meet
Activities: basketball, art,playing video games, and making my own manga soccer
Interests: basketball,naruto,games,web design,drafting and super smash bros brawl,cute girls!(but u need a personality)
Favorite TV Shows: heroes,naruto,american idol
Favorite Movies: yes man,transformers 2,woliverine, iron man2
Favorite Music: linkin park,saliva,dropkick morphys,green day AND SKILLET,and I love the song sexy chick
Favorite Books: naruto manga,enders game,percey jackson and the olympians

Comments (4)


You an Anbu-blackOp ^_^

Posted by pinkBallet 5 years ago

*backflip* *land on shoulders* *looks down & waves*
You can't beat me, anbu!!

Posted by choji317 4 years ago

hey i play basketball too, point guard what are you?

Posted by partygirl101 4 years ago

no posotion i just play with friends but i also prefer pointguard

Posted by jprock 4 years ago