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Personal Information
Real Name: Kagamiah Maruno
Gender: Female
Country: United States
Age: 20 years old
Join Date: May 9th, 2010
Last Update: May 9th, 2010
About kagamiah
About Me: hai, im kagamiah. you would think that im your typical teenage 16 year old girl. well get that thought out of your head. im not typical. im different in every way I obsess over anime, music, writing, and drawing. i love volleyball, speech and drama, my friends, and family. i love to sing. im very random and blunt. i try to stay optimistic. im there for my peeps no matter what. im a sophomore in high school. im creative and love to dream... i live my life in the clouds, and to its fullest extent without any regrets. i belive anything is possible. the best way for me to express how i feel is through music and quotes. i try to make a difference in this world, cuz if i don't, who will?... im open to talk to anybody. i want to get a scholarship in volleyball. i also want to be a voice over in anime. i live my life around people who will believe in me, and cheer me on and smile whenever i make a mistake. cuz without mistakes we would never grow and become better people. and this isn't even the beginning of who i am. i adore espada and akatsuki.♥
Favorite TV Shows: bleach. naruto shippuden
Favorite Music: 3 days grace. breathe carolina.never shout never. owl city. fall out boy. brokencyde. a day to remember. bullet for my valentine. and so many more
Favorite Quotes: "What is a heart? If I rip open your chest, will I find it there? If I crack open your skull, will I find it there?"

Comments (28)

You like the same shows that I like thats cool

Posted by AzerothDN 4 years ago

Welcome to NC! nice pic u got there ;]

Posted by Mazhar_guy 4 years ago

don't have anything personal with u but don't u wanna see a dentist ?

Posted by Immortalmc1 4 years ago

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