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Personal Information
Real Name: Kajsa Andersson
Gender: Female
Country: Sweden
Age: 21 years old
Join Date: June 30th, 2009
Last Update: July 3rd, 2009
About Kajsa_92
About Me: Hi, my name is Kajsa Andersson. And I'm a swedish girl. Most of the time I like to spend with my lovely boyfriend. He is so cute :D But sometimes I like to cook and read. And ALSO like animé/manga.
Activities: Spending the time with my lovely boyfriend :D
Interests: My boyfriend, and many other things :P
Favorite TV Shows: Scrubs, CSI, Hells Kitchen, Gordon Ramseys "The F Word", and How I met your mother.
Favorite Movies: Harry Potter, The Lord Of The Rings, Twilight, Bedtime Stories
Favorite Music: Michael Jackson(R.I.P), Jonas Brothers, Green Day, and many others. ^^
Favorite Books: Harry Potter, Wolfbrothers, Eragorn and many more fantasy books!
Favorite Quotes: Hmmm.... Can't think of one.

Comments (38)


Posted by Henry987 5 years ago

hi there, welcome!
i think that in this pic u look like blake lively =)

Posted by Janin 5 years ago

hi!welcome to nc and i think you look a lot like blake lively,you know,serena from gossip girl n_n.

Posted by freaky_nin 5 years ago

hi welcom to NC.. coul u tell me who is blake lively.. coz i never heard of it..

Posted by jack_adi 5 years ago

welcome and have fun ^_6

Posted by Divine-Samurai 5 years ago

finally,a friend request from a girl!thanks for the request ^_^

Posted by freaky_nin 5 years ago

Everyone can add me on MSN if you want to =D More friends more fun ^_^

Posted by Kajsa_92 5 years ago

hey, welcome to nc, hope you will enjoy!

Posted by ArcticArc 5 years ago

owh.. i realy dont know.. hihihi... i a fan of sweeden national football team...

Posted by jack_adi 5 years ago


Posted by Zulhusni_Azri 5 years ago

so i was right... =D =)
i love harry potter and twilight too

Posted by Janin 5 years ago

Welcome to NarutoC! have a good time here

Posted by Sexy-No-Jutsu 5 years ago

hey since you like twilight, do you like rob pattinson in twilight? i think he looks better in that harry potter movie.

Posted by freaky_nin 5 years ago

hi how are you

Posted by Divine-Samurai 5 years ago

welcome to NC! XD

Posted by bella1025 5 years ago

Welcome to Naruto Central!

Posted by kimimarokaguyafan01 5 years ago

i'm ok, i can't complain, just talkn on the phone with my girlfriend

Posted by Divine-Samurai 5 years ago

Have Fun!!

Posted by Keisha09 5 years ago

hi pretty! welcome to NC!

Posted by marlowe022 5 years ago

hello there and welcome to Nc

Posted by jackmax 5 years ago

hi beautiful...welcome to nc

Posted by xoxoxixi 5 years ago

Welcome have a good time

Posted by K3v1nfl 5 years ago

welcome ..

Posted by hardy 5 years ago

OMG So many friend request over a night

Posted by Kajsa_92 5 years ago

Klart man skaffar ett nytt konto om man är opopulär på den första xD

Posted by Khranashil 5 years ago

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