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Created by Kakashi79845

Well, I've lately become a KakaIru fan. (A very large one infact.) I support yoai NOT yuri. I enjoy many things such as, drawing, looking for doujinshi (kakairu), reading fanfiction, and such and so-forth. Lately, my current anime obsession is Rozen Maiden. If you want to find out more about it, Google. If you are a Kakashi/KakaIru/Iruka fan, you should check out these authors on http://www.fanfiction.net/ . They are.... KakashiKrazed, DarkAuroran, SorryImLate (now called Fallen Angel Kakashi), VescaWithoutWings, WhyMustIWrite, Squidpoo, Aleia15, pixelx, B-Rated, megyal and many more. Some fanfiction I'd like to suggest (dare I say this) are... A Measure of Company [megyal] , Biology Principals One [Squidpoo] , When We Kiss [SorryImLate] , Maid in Akihabara[Hope4love92] , Long Road Home [KakashiKrazed] , The Sixth Hokage [KakashiKrazed], Fire and Ice [KakashiKrazed], Bloodlines [Fallen Angel Kakashi], Not the Mommy [VescaWithoutWings], Stranger Situations [DarkAuroran], and MANY MORE. Some Manga I'd like to suggest, Dogs, Dogs: Bullets and Carnage, Naruto (obviously) DNAngel and that's pretty much it. A KakaIru doujinshi artist/author I'd like to suggest is HALCO. SHE IS AMAZING!!!! :D Well, that's about it... Farewell for now. Feel free to PM me anytime. If I don't reply soon, that's my fault.