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kibaakamaru22's Profile
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Personal Information
Real Name: shayla lealynn chase
Gender: Female
Country: United States
Age: 19 years old
Join Date: May 3rd, 2009
Last Update: February 5th, 2010
About kibaakamaru22
About Me: iam a skaterchix who loves naruto, and all the japanase shows, i like to hang out and skate with my buddies, like to draw when iam bored hehehehehe hi, oh iam a big youtuber hehe
Activities: love to skatebored, and draw, watch naruto, ilove to c people trip haha... i love playin kingdom hearts 1,2 and i love to play final fantasy
Interests: i like to watch naruto,sktebored,hang out with my friends yell random things to people when they drive by, hahhaha gatta love thier faces
Favorite TV Shows: naruto,naruto shippuden,family guy,american dad,bleach,one piece,inuyasha,robat chicken,rave master, full metal acalme, death note
Favorite Movies: all the naruto movies,robin hood,star wars,space balls,collage,fast and the furious,final fantasy advent childern, death note 1,2 and L change the world
Favorite Music: i like rock,rockabilly,a little bit of rap, PARAMORE, fallen, fall out boy,my chemical romance,the killers,linkinpark,green day,
Favorite Books: naruto, and pretty much anything with pictures ^^ thats it i dont read much unless iam forced x/
Favorite Quotes: check it, HI WIERD PERSON IN A CAR lmao thats sooo much fun ^^

Comments (168)

not too much you?

Posted by unitedblueninja 5 years ago

yo, nice hair!

Posted by Uchiha-Adam 5 years ago

no prob!

Posted by Uchiha-Adam 5 years ago

o nothin..............I LIKE PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by ankoandtemaribff 5 years ago

well,if u not good at drawing but at least u can skate than me!!
sorry for the word k?!!

Posted by naruhaku 5 years ago

thank you XD glad you like them XXd

Posted by ryuk-apples 5 years ago

well i really dont like pie i just say that cause its fun

Posted by ankoandtemaribff 5 years ago

what up you look like an awsome girl and i like your drawings their pretty cool hit me up if you want to chat or something

Posted by Notredamefan65 5 years ago

your welcome young lad

Posted by Varggoth 5 years ago

lol next time yell out the air in back tire looks a little low lol

Posted by nates2nuts 5 years ago

no i dont omg i love ramen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my fave is pork

Posted by ankoandtemaribff 5 years ago

U like Kingdom Hearts!?!?!

Posted by choji317 5 years ago

WOA!!!!! thats awesome!!!!!!!

Posted by ankoandtemaribff 5 years ago

hey if u want an invite to lockez send me a pm.

Posted by jzilla02 5 years ago

lockerz is a site that u get free stuff and all u do is play one game after u siqn up and answer a question and login each day i got a psp just took me one month dont believe me watch youtube vids if u want an invite pm me

Posted by jzilla02 5 years ago

thanks.... =P
i love ur pic... i like that thing that's on ur had =D i don't know how it is called =))
how r u?

Posted by Janin 5 years ago

u r most welcome sis

Posted by varsamson 5 years ago

Heyy, whats up?

Posted by fighter-of-life 5 years ago

tnxs for accepting ma request. how r u doing?

Posted by G-girl 4 years ago

Do you read the Manga???

Posted by choji317 4 years ago

Tired & a little hypa from havin 2 much suga... u look like a girl from my skewl... mah...

Posted by fighter-of-life 4 years ago

Holy shit you lucky bastard.

Posted by choji317 4 years ago

nice drawings, very good

Posted by naruloco 4 years ago

Thanks! :>

Posted by choji317 4 years ago

and thnkz for adding m .........cutey...

Posted by gcgk 4 years ago

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