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Personal Information
Real Name: Kiro Saki
Gender: Male
Country: Germany
Age: 25 years old
Join Date: November 24th, 2008
Last Update: May 10th, 2009
About Kiro2k2
Activities: going to school, jogging, loving, chatting
Interests: animes ( One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Dragonball, Death Note, Ranma 1/2, Inu Yasha, GTO are my favorites ) games (warcraft 3 - dotA, Final Fantasy! 7 is the best, many beat 'em ups and rpgs) Drawing.. well going to an arts school and girls.. ehm I mean women ;-)
Favorite TV Shows: don't watch tv ó_ò
Favorite Movies: Lord of the Rings, Click, Princess Mononoke, Final Fantasy 7 AC, Jackie Chan movies... and more
Favorite Music: all kinds of music.. if it sounds good for me
Favorite Books: 1984, Brave New World, Perfume.. and some mangas of course
Favorite Quotes: you don't have to win an argument to prove that you´re right

Comments (32)

yeah, yeah, so many variation of hello there,
haha, konnichi wa, kiro saki-san..

ow u have type B too?
sugoii ne~ ^0^
we're same..

Posted by Rei-chan 5 years ago

LOL. The reason why I write in caps is because of my job. I am to write everything in caps... So much for state of the arts system. I just carried it on to everything else that I do.
Wish I could get a week vacation. Hope you're having lot's of fun. =]]

Posted by El2i3 5 years ago

really? really??
aww arigatou gozaimashita ne!! XDD

yes, i did them all with photoshop!
i like editing with photoshop...

Posted by Rei-chan 5 years ago

how r u?
how's it goen?

Posted by lolmar 5 years ago

hello! How r u? What's up?
pzdr (pozdrawiam)

Posted by Shukumei 4 years ago

hey... nice cosplays and cool drawing of Sasuke...

Posted by bilka_15 4 years ago

dyou hav facebook? pm me! XD

Posted by andreakatsuki 4 years ago

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