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Personal Information
Real Name: Hanabi Tokoshi
Gender: Female
Country: Japan
Age: 22 years old
Join Date: November 28th, 2008
Last Update: December 30th, 2009
About konatakawaii
About Me: Hello My name is Hanabi Tokoshi I Live in Japan i study american language frequently,but other than that sry for my misspelled words.umm..I like alot of things.I Consider myslef to be a good Person haha.I love making new friends and spending time with new friends.hehe I like playing on my computer and chatting hehe.anyway whoever reads this please talk to me and thank you.
Activities: Track,soccer, Bike riding,and Drawing
Interests: I love to play games hmm drawing/doodling lol hmmm.. taking walks...lol i think thats it lol
Favorite TV Shows: Naruto of course,Bleach,DeathNote,Yakitate Japan,Air Gear ETC.
Favorite Movies: All naruto Movies ,Deathnote Ect. blah blah
Favorite Music: Music Playlist at MixPod.com
Favorite Books: Tons Tons of manga hehe =D
Favorite Quotes: I need someone to hold me and tell me they love me.Sigh* (Love!)

Comments (62)

Hi wassup angel ?

Posted by hackerumas 5 years ago

heyz ^^

hows it goin?

Posted by mariposa13 5 years ago

i fineeee..hehehehehehe:p i glleeeeeddddd have many friend in world....happppppy forever to my frienddddd.....huhuhu:p.........i finee....i hope u fineeee toooo..:p......heheheeh wht r u doing now......???hehehehe:P

Posted by raheda 5 years ago

Thank angel !

Posted by hackerumas 5 years ago


Posted by hackerumas 5 years ago

i hope so too..do you live in japan? where in it?

Posted by dragonpath 5 years ago

aww poor you! :(

I know how you feel, tets r really badly TERRIBLE!! a drag :/ XDD

Posted by mariposa13 5 years ago

heya ssup.........howz ya.....?

Posted by gcgk 5 years ago

no prob ^^

Posted by mixy 5 years ago

I see. u seem to know English good. do u speak it as well?

Posted by dragonpath 5 years ago

that's very good. what do you play? ps3? if u play online, my psn is blandito sn8k

Posted by dragonpath 5 years ago

what is the 今何をしてですか?

Posted by myztxlab 5 years ago


Posted by gcgk 5 years ago

hey lady! how u been?? how is the weather over there??

Posted by dragonpath 5 years ago

Same nationality!! lol

But i study in Thailand but i go to Japan once per year.



Posted by hinataxxxx 5 years ago

hey hi wassup hwz ya doin.....?

Posted by gcgk 5 years ago

check out my homepage on nc watch the video you will like it lol

Posted by zero25naruto 5 years ago

hey whats up

Posted by kuniknife 5 years ago

heyyy thanks for the welcome ^_^ hows it going?

Posted by Mattie_Massacre 5 years ago

you so pretty

Posted by teleporter 4 years ago

thanks for the comment

Posted by jamal04 4 years ago

thank you(:

Posted by yuuffieChan01 4 years ago

wasup konatakawaii-san

Posted by XxBLOODxX 4 years ago


Posted by totally_uchiha 4 years ago


Posted by tintinmendez 4 years ago