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Personal Information
Real Name: mark korneluk
Gender: Male
Country: Canada
Age: 23 years old
Join Date: March 20th, 2010
Last Update: July 20th, 2011
About kornelious2010
About Me: ..hhhmmmm not so good with autobios, I'm a funny sometimes goofy dude, reasonably good at everything, but not really great at anything, drawing for example is not a strong point as anyone could see haha..I play a whole range of instruments including guitar, piano and sax...love sports...tennis number 1 obviously..i also have a huge soft spot of animals.. except spiders...HATE SPIDERS
Activities: Live n breath tennis...
Interests: tennis!!
Favorite TV Shows: Naruto n Bleach obviously..also into Entourage, Dexter...and Mythbusters is always a good laugh
Favorite Movies: Too many to list, just ask
Favorite Music: anything that isn't country..
Favorite Books: The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy!!!!
Favorite Quotes: "there are no bad students, only bad teachers"

Comments (70)

Hi welcome to nc

Posted by cat-man-do 4 years ago

i like your ava. hope you are doing well xx

Posted by himechan25 4 years ago

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!

Posted by kornelious2010 4 years ago

Cool pic of Gohan.....its gr8.....

Posted by mitulgoku 4 years ago

Its really gr8...
Those guys are fools who think that the pic is not gud...
And u should draw more pics 2 acc to me...
U r very gud at it....

Posted by mitulgoku 4 years ago

i agree...

Posted by hackerumas 4 years ago

Ha, all good fun, sir. The anime I've already posted on and the threads are boring. Just entertaining myself. No worries. He's ignoring me bcuz he was being a hypocrite and I called him out on it. Do you know Anderson? He's famous for telling others what they can say and then doing the exact opposite of what he advocates. Funny stuff. I like fucking with him when I'm bored. Don't be so serious, buddy. It's just good fun.

Posted by BrightEyesboy 4 years ago

That is true. I used to feel sorry for him. Oh well.

Anyways, what's upp?

Posted by BrightEyesboy 4 years ago

Ha. I'm a middle school kinda guy. I like the regular formatted viewing. Although I am coming around to HD.

Posted by BrightEyesboy 4 years ago

I'll pass on that pile of shit. I'm an Xbox kinda guy. 4 of my xbox's broke and ten I bought an elite bcuz they said the new modules no longer get the red rings. So I'm good with what I have. I play HD on Xbox. Modwar2, Gears of War 2, Left 4 dead 2, Halo 3, and Resident evil 5!

Posted by BrightEyesboy 4 years ago

hi man waz up,yeah i like tennis (long live Fedderer ) like your theorys about naruto

Posted by Konoha_Hokage 4 years ago

Bright Eyes 321

Posted by BrightEyesboy 4 years ago

I think I accepted you on xbox live.

Btw, sorry, I just can't stay out of trouble.

Posted by BrightEyesboy 4 years ago

real name bg, yr probably some creepy rapist, i hope im wrong!..for everyones sake

wow u called me a rapist ????
stupid ass rap????
dude u look like a chi-mo bro
and yes bg are my intitials you jerkoff

and p.s. my stupid ass raps are better than the bull shit that comes from your mouth
lol ur so useless you cant even get a post deleted man.....smh......no one cares about your opinion so dont hate on me ight

Posted by mano38 4 years ago

yes thats my goal (i actually have a life)
so on my free time i come to diffrent site to give jag off's like u a hard time

and yea no offence but your pic's do suck lol you draw like a 6 year old blind kid (wait nevermind i seen the blind do better)

Posted by mano38 4 years ago

thanks buddy

Posted by peektoo 4 years ago

you got lucky u fucking peon (they wouldnt let me post everything i want)

so u call me a hypocrite ????!!!!
i never go back on my word (so u should go google the meaning of hypocrite) b4 u slander the word around obviosly u dont kno the meaning of it,
and as far as i called sum girl a name WTF???!
i called sum guy dellusional (y dont u go look that word up to) as far as i kno it's not a insult and im sure he dosent need u to fight his battles

Posted by mano38 4 years ago

they wont let me put everything i want to say into one post so....................

thats the diffrence between me and u (i say what u want to say, but u r not a man so u dont got tha balls to say it

and another thing lol yes i do have a girl currently she is at work (somthing i wouldnt expect u to kno nothing about)
i have a life, i dont need porn to get off like sum people do (you)

Posted by mano38 4 years ago

yea lol u knew i was coming abck and if this is such a waist of your precious time then y in the hell didi u start??? r y did u reply ?????

my point exactly

and ur damn right im black (got a problem)
i dont need to over compinsate for anything but u on the other hand using all those BIG words (u spent a lil time on google) u sure are over compinsating for sumthing lol and yes i do understand your racist remarks

Posted by mano38 4 years ago

by racist remarks i mean the big words you use b cuz my black brain cant understand your superior words, no thats not it at all agin u PEON, i dont need to tell u how unintelligent i am r how smart i want u to believe i am (wich i'd bet my bottom dollar on, its alot smarter than you) no i'd rather be a stereo type and use all the vulgar and disrespectfull language i can y do u ask because (just like the slave owners u referd to)

Posted by mano38 4 years ago


(thats 1 for the black team 0 for the whites)
jorge w bush is not happy with you at this point of time lol

so if u r truly done then i dont expect to hear from u agin besides in side of the post..... well i bid u adu

Posted by mano38 4 years ago

lmfao you obviosly dont kno what peon means lol

nigger was used for slaves but peon was for anyone no matter race nor sex that lived in a shanty, ghetto, are just didnt have a good job lol (nice way to make your self seem like a dumbass) and as far as the garaa comment i asked if garaa had the ability to use the bijuu cloak u dumbass not does garaa still have shukaku y dotn u go read my post agin S.M.H.

Posted by mano38 4 years ago

I guess I over estimated your intelligence... I've got nothing to prove on this site, just here for pure entertainment...

me to im just here to make the time go by faster at work and at the inlaws so dont take non of this the rong way ( i dont actually have a grudge aginst u)
and unlike u i actually do like u and enjoy these comments and postings l0l

Posted by mano38 4 years ago

lol...thanks =). i'm glad u liked it too.

Posted by fantasyx0 4 years ago

awful... you just left =.=

Posted by WindFan 4 years ago

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