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Personal Information
Real Name: Krezuan
Gender: Male
Country: Malaysia
Age: 29 years old
Join Date: December 27th, 2008
Last Update: February 1st, 2009
About krezuan
About Me: Open minded for any kind of conversation
Activities: Hiking,Dining,Garden,Travel,Movies@Cinema's Working(No money no honey)
Interests: Graphic stuff DSLR stuff Travel Mangga..SOng..
Favorite TV Shows: LOST(USA) American Idol(USA) Just For Laugh(Canada)
Favorite Movies: movie with creative idea n storytelling_ n skip the dramaqueen stuff.
Favorite Music: NICO-Broken Youth J-POP(a lot) RussiaSong(Cerebro,Fabrika etc)
Favorite Books: Computer Arts IdN Digital Photographer mag Mangga-Naruto-Bleach-Gantz
Favorite Quotes: I do what i luv n I luv what i do best.. live life wth no regret's

Comments (32)

welcome to the land of imagination..or in urban dictionary nc :D

Posted by Zioma 5 years ago

seems that most users are eiter from Malaysia or Phillipines.

Posted by Sk8erperson9 5 years ago

welcome to nc bro

Posted by shawn786 5 years ago

hello sah...wlcome to nc

Posted by agiebell 5 years ago


Posted by ureka_134n1 5 years ago

zup bro welcome to NC.. happy hew year!

Posted by marlowe022 5 years ago

thanks guys...

Posted by krezuan 5 years ago

Hey cutie

Posted by thesuperior679 5 years ago

sup dude and welcome to NC =) if u need any help just ask =D

Posted by kazuza 5 years ago


Posted by saiful_1985 5 years ago

how popular is naruto in malaysia?

Posted by Viperagon 5 years ago


Posted by tomriddle 5 years ago

thanks!~ Happy New Year to you too!

Posted by kumikoayllon 5 years ago

thank u alot i want to wish the same stuf:) thanks may your dreams come true:P

Posted by iris789 5 years ago

hei bro...it's your big bro speaking..hehehe

Posted by rickmra22 5 years ago

hay wats up

Posted by nijah 5 years ago

Thanks. :)

Posted by lokireanime 5 years ago

wazzup buddy?.. ^^

Posted by tomriddle 5 years ago

hahaha you are crazy about the snow :D

Posted by Zioma 5 years ago

thanks for the f-end request

Posted by kawaii_05 5 years ago

hey... ^^

Posted by tomriddle 5 years ago

..........why do you want me to be your friend?im just curious ..sorry

Posted by mangaka_kuro 5 years ago

yeah..so crazy for th snowy place..

Posted by krezuan 5 years ago

i promise myself..il be there someday..

Posted by krezuan 5 years ago

wassup dude ?

Posted by hackerumas 5 years ago

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