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LoveDanielle's Profile
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Personal Information
Real Name: danielle copeland
Gender: Female
Country: United States
Age: 24 years old
Join Date: May 1st, 2010
Last Update: May 4th, 2010
About LoveDanielle
About Me: *Vegetarian *Perfectionist *Conservative *Humble *Argumentative *Loyal *Practical *Hardworking *Easy to talk to hard to please *Competitive *Optimistic *Brilliant
Activities: *Drawing&Painting *Yoga *Running & Tennis *Shopping *Working
Interests: DanielleLoves *Reading *Greek Mythology *Anime& Manga *Disney *Haribo Gummy bears *Animals *Proving people wrong *Being a Leader
Favorite TV Shows: *Desperate House Wifes *House *90210 *Vampire Diaries *Greys Anatomy *Naruto *Bleach *One Piece *SamuriChamploo *Boondocks *Inyuasha
Favorite Movies: *The Dark Knight *Bourne Identity *Domino *Collateral *Romeo &Juliet (leos version *Law biding Citizen& *House of Flying Daggers *Mean Girls *Devil Wears Prada *300 and these are just my top faves
Favorite Music: *Pop *Rock *Hip Hop *Country *Classical *Instrumental
Favorite Books: *The Outsiders *Memoirs of a geisha *The last song *Pride & Prejudice *The dutches *Twilight series
Favorite Quotes: *A prayer for the wild at heart kept in cages *We come to love not by finding the perfet person but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly *The night is darkest just before the dawn * Try and fail but do not fail to try

Comments (60)

that's crazy mine was DBZ too, but now my favs are naruto and this one called baka to test to shoukanjuu(it's hilarious)

Posted by Xyla 4 years ago

u past hot girl u sexy

Posted by acrmichael 4 years ago

what did you think of that new bleach episode?

Posted by emcee123 4 years ago

thanks, and yeah the next few episodes are going to be pretty badass

Posted by emcee123 4 years ago

so you like the boondocks? have you seen some of the new episodes, they're funny like the thugnificent goes broke one haha

Posted by emcee123 4 years ago

hey how have you been?

Posted by Xyla 4 years ago

hey im new & just wanted to say hi
& was hoping we cold be friends
Oh and awesome avatar u got there

Posted by venom711 4 years ago

hey whats up, im trying out for this show called the tester and it would be cool if you voted for me

Posted by emcee123 4 years ago

nm just seeing how they changed the site o.o how are you

Posted by SasukePorter 4 years ago

hello help you enjoy the site

Posted by matty24818 3 years ago

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