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Personal Information
Real Name: Max Lennart Schuette
Gender: Male
Country: Germany
Age: 22 years old
Join Date: December 2nd, 2008
Last Update: July 24th, 2010
About M4XL
About Me: office chair acrobat 8)
Activities: karate, choir, sports...
Favorite TV Shows: Two and a Half Men, King of Queens
Favorite Movies: Pappa Ante Portas, 千と千尋の神隠し, 物の怪姫, Forrest Gump, Findet Nemo, Departed, Gladiator, Die Fremde In Dir, Lucky # Slevin, Hangover, König der Löwen
Favorite Music: little bit of everthing, bit more of something...no other way to put it^^
Favorite Books: Harry Potter, Dan Brown books,
Favorite Quotes: The difference between what we do and what we could do would be enough to solve most of the worlds problems. (Ghandi)

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