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Personal Information
Real Name: Jaramel Cruz
Gender: Male
Country: Philippines
Age: 28 years old
Join Date: August 26th, 2008
Last Update: August 11th, 2009
About memet666
About Me: I'm single but cute.....
Activities: ...soudtrip.... ...playing guitar...
Interests: to all the girls not in a relation to become my girlfriend....hahahaha
Favorite Music: ROCK,,,(metal,hardcore,post hardcore,grindcore,metalcore,technocore,goathmetal,deathmetal,screamo,emo,emocore, mathcore, etc.)
Favorite Books: ...sophie's world...
Favorite Quotes: ...Rape Me...

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helllo !

Posted by hackerumas 5 years ago

how do I rock you, dear?

Posted by animefreakk666 5 years ago