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Personal Information
Real Name: Merethe Syverud
Gender: Female
Country: Norway
Age: 20 years old
Join Date: April 12th, 2007
Last Update: December 7th, 2008
About meyoda
About Me: I am weird. I'm don't say much.
Activities: Photo Photoshop Anime Drawing.
Interests: Drawing History Writing Photography
Favorite TV Shows: Naruto Bleach Stargate SG-1/Atlantis Smallville Wizards of Waverly Place Hannah Montana Star Trek(VOY,DS9,ENT)
Favorite Movies: Star Wars Stargate Star Trek Indiana Jones Superheroes movies
Favorite Music: Japanese music Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Selena Gomez Demi Lovato
Favorite Books: Twilight Harry Potter

Comments (4)

nice meeting ya. ^^
thanks for the add

Posted by itachis_girl 5 years ago


Posted by chika_loca 5 years ago

Hye to Merethe Syverud
just bump to ur n wanna say 'Happy New Year 2009'
Have a nice Day.

Posted by krezuan 5 years ago

Heyy Merethe-chan!


Btw, jst wondering, in ur opinion which one was more cooler in Twilight, the book or the movie??

Posted by jinchuuriki1312 5 years ago