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Personal Information
Real Name: Mixy
Gender: Female
Country: Serbia
Age: 18 years old
Join Date: January 2nd, 2009
Last Update: December 12th, 2010
About mixy
About Me: love to love. love to read. love to chat. love to laugh. smileeee :D I love boho style. also love pancakes ♥ books ♥ love to meet new ppl ^^ talk to me! :D
Activities: reading a lot...drawing a lot... photographing :D being with friends. :D shopping & spending money a lot ;D ♥
Interests: magic...BOOKS ♥...good movies,and good music :D
Favorite TV Shows: Naruto...Full Metal Alchemist...Vampire Hunter D...Angel Sanctuary...Black Blood Brothers...also...Prison break...Charmed... aaaand Dr House. oh,I live for true blood & Vampire diaries.
Favorite Movies: Anything that includes magic, love and music. Harry POtter 1, LOTR, Avatar, Titanic and Dorian Gray are my fave.
Favorite Music: Anything with good lyrics & melody. (: Linkin Park ♥ HIM ♥ Reginaaa ♥
Favorite Books: like movies. Give me magic, love and looot of heartbreaking scenes and I'll love the book.' Me and Mr Darcy;Be careful what you wish for - Alexandra Potter ; LOTR, Harry POtter, Twilight saga and The Host, Dragon Bones and Dragon Blood, andddddd The Pride and Prejudice - my fave :D
Favorite Quotes: People talk 2 much. Books are mirrors.

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