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Personal Information
Real Name: George Naveriani
Gender: Male
Country: Georgia
Age: 23 years old
Join Date: December 29th, 2008
Last Update: December 29th, 2008
About MyKage
About Me: That's all.^ - PM me.
Activities: Having fun with friends, computer, winter sports, reading manga & etc.
Interests: Naruto Anime/Manga, Girls, Music, and many other!
Favorite TV Shows: MTV
Favorite Movies: I Am A Legend and many other.
Favorite Music: Metal, Hard Rock. Alt. Rock, Punk Rock, Heavy Metal... Minimal
Favorite Books: NONE
Favorite Quotes: Fuck!

Comments (5)

this is u, gio??

Posted by renzokukenXnaruto 5 years ago

Hello dude !

Posted by hackerumas 5 years ago


Posted by MyKage 5 years ago

I download rom and emulator ! U ?

Posted by hackerumas 5 years ago

whas up george

Posted by shaun963 5 years ago