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MYKbrian's Profile
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Personal Information
Real Name: Brian
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Age: 24 years old
Join Date: July 21st, 2007
Last Update: July 6th, 2011
About MYKbrian
Activities: Drawing and martial arts (5 time champion)I study American Kenpo.now training in Muay Thai
Interests: music
Favorite TV Shows: Naruto,Smallville,Supernatural,Fringe, Bones,Ghost Hunters,Prison Break and Heroes
Favorite Movies: Surf Ninjas
Favorite Music: Rock. mostly Linkin Park (best band ever lol)
Favorite Books: Harry Potter and Percy Jackson
Favorite Quotes: There are Heroes and Legends.Heroes get remembered,but legends never die

Comments (1)

I envy your drawing skills. T.T

Posted by naruloco 4 years ago