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Personal Information
Real Name: Nairi Avedissian
Gender: Female
Country: Sweden
Age: 19 years old
Join Date: January 6th, 2010
Last Update: July 5th, 2010
About Naiiri
Favorite TV Shows: Family guy, South park, Naruto
Favorite Music: Dir en grey, System of a down, Daddy yankee, Sum 41, Muse, Three days grace, Arcangel, Gazette, Girugamesh

Comments (64)

yea u right but i just dont get it

for real no joke i feel this guy flopped since the carter III
what do u like about him his rock or hip hop

he dont know what he doing he said on the documentary that in years his going to have R&B albums ROCK albums of course HIP-HOP albums

he used to be my fav rapper ahhhh the old days with sky's the limit and im me

Posted by YaMayne 4 years ago

oh yea and fuck the world thats an oldie

Posted by YaMayne 4 years ago

u said it

to give u a warning dont go close to that album it was a waste of my itune space

Posted by YaMayne 4 years ago

hahaha =)

hey do u got facebook i dont really like talkin here??

Posted by YaMayne 4 years ago

can i have it???? hahaha its like goin at a slow past

Posted by YaMayne 4 years ago

oh hahahha i was talking about copy and past the url but i kinda forgot about the name thing hahah iight am a add you

Posted by YaMayne 4 years ago

hi there! thanks for adding!=)

Posted by anterobert 4 years ago

i love ur avatar (: long live diru >v<

Posted by boneca 4 years ago

hey hun wuts up

Posted by kakashisensa001 4 years ago

Thanks- for the add

Posted by Whens 4 years ago

get a new pic ur cute

Posted by Whens 4 years ago

thanks for the add xD

Posted by ksebankai 4 years ago


Posted by AKIEL 4 years ago


Posted by peektoo 3 years ago

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