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Personal Information
Real Name: Matthew William Vainshtub
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Age: 16 years old
Join Date: May 26th, 2010
Last Update: July 29th, 2011
About Narusakuforevz
About Me: Im crazy,i used to watch one piece,and i love Narusaku(FTW!!!)and,i create alot of things for my new fans,and friends that love narusaku.I dont see Narusaku,so i decided i NEEDED TO do it.If u ever wanna chat with meh,im usually makin fan-fics for narusaku,ok PEACE!
Activities: Fanfics,youtube,manga,TV,im a nerd i know,school,effin hw...
Interests: Narusaku,rap,gf,life,Shane Dawson videos.
Favorite TV Shows: Naruto,Shippuden,Family guy.
Favorite Music: Rap,mostly eminem.
Favorite Books: Harry Potter,Percy Jackson And The Olympians,Manga.
Favorite Quotes: If you f*ck,you get f*cked with. Dont live for a girl/guy. Always Carry a knife. Theyres always a bright side.Even if it sucks. Give respect,to earn respect. Plan before action.

Comments (11)

nice fan fic dude

Posted by pokemonmaster89 4 years ago

thx man i started at one but it never got accepted by 14

Posted by Narusakuforevz 4 years ago

Nice racial comment u got there about the Quran. How pathetic that you would post something like that up on a site like this. Oh and btw u spelled it wrong its Quran not Coran u didnt even use the normal incorrect spelling with a K instead used a C. Funny how most people like you that make such comments no nothing about the Quran. And this is not hate speech that comment you got up there is unnecessary and racist. But seeing as how you even got the spelling so wrong its natural that you wouldn't know a thing about it like most racist who get all their facts from listening to other racists or the media instead of actually picking it up. Again ur pathetic for putting something like that on a site like Naruto which has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION.

Posted by hussian 3 years ago

Yeah,sorry,it was pathetic your right,but btw are you russian?Cuz i am to.I get racist jokes all the time.I am gonna take it off,i had my friend over when i put that on,i didnt realize i still had it on,and yeah,like i dont really get what u mean by the religion thing,but your right.Im still a kid so,yeah.im a bad kid,my brother is 17.Your really smart,i get influenced by my friends alot...Im gonna be more careful who i hang with,Thanks.Oh,and i dont mind if you post bad comments,im not gonna fight back.

Posted by Narusakuforevz 3 years ago

Hey,I hate u.god shall punish those who turn their backs to him,and u have slandered the name of man,meaning you have slandered the name.of god.if being gay is a sin and so is being racist,looks like bye your judgement,u will burn in hell,but god will forgive u if u seek him

Posted by chrismacon 3 years ago

I kind of get that >.<.I deserve some hate though.

Posted by Narusakuforevz 3 years ago

hi sorry but sakura and naruto are hell no!!

Posted by Arlenn_aka_Temari 2 years ago

Quoting Arlenn_aka_Temarihi sorry but sakura and naruto are hell no!!
you never no... go flip off someone who cares.

Posted by Narusakuforevz 2 years ago