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NarutoPsycho's Polls

Question Responses
Who is the coolest member out of these? 91
Who is stronger at the moment? 103
Who is the coolest out of these? 31
Do you think Sakura has a big forehead?? 47
Which OLD Akatsuki-member will RIP next? 122
Can you imagine Danzou's head next to the other Hokage-heads of stone? 129
If you would be a ninja you would choose for: 81
If Naruto had to choose between Sasuke or Konoha he would choose for: 113
For how long will Danzou be hokage? 87
Who is the coolest Hyuuga out of these? 102
Who is the coolest Uchiha out of these? 135
Will Naruto ever lose the Kyuubi which is sealed inside of him? 84
Will Konohamaru ever surpass Naruto? 97
If Danzou turns out to be evil as they say, he will be killed by: 156
Now that Nagato revived most of the charcters... 55
Do you imagine yourself as a Naruto-character? 154
Bonds is just... 95
What's your opinion about shippuuden movie 2? 122
What songs did you like more? 57
What soundtracks do you like more? 43
Do you think Karin and Sakura will fight? 73
The thing i like the most about the story of Naruto is... 120
Which quotation do you like the most? 111
Do you think Kakashi will be Hogake before naruto does? 137
What do you think was a better name? 70
If I were in Sasuke's shoes... 134
Do you like Sasuke 85
Kabuto is.. 79
My opinion about Danzou... 79
Do you think Itachi is dead? 68
Do you think Jiraiya is dead? 131
Do you thinnk Shizune is dead? 58
Do you think Kakashi is dead? 79
Ino' s love for Sasuke was... 68
If Sasuke's eyes are damaged, will he get Madara's eyes if he is defeated? 139
The second page of the manga is... 52
My opinion about fillers.... 100
I agree with the following terms: 59
Which one is better? 106
Do you make poems of Naruto 30
Will Naruto and Sasuke will fight Madara toghether along with the power of Itachi? 87
What mark would you give Naruto? 118
Do you think Mikoto also had sharingan? 62
The rection Neji had when he saw Hinata was: 145
Do you think what Sasuke did is understandable? 62
Will Nagato die? 97
Do you play with the Narutocards? 29
What Naruto OVA did you like most? 66
Do you watch Naruto OVA's? 74
What rank do you seek in the ninjaworld? 137
Do you think Kakashi Gaiden will be shown? 81
How much do you adore naruto? 83
Gaara is... 181
Do you think Kakashi Gaiden will be shown? 107
How cool was it when Yondaime appeared? 124
What is the coolest Naruto shippuuden Opening!!! 108
What is the coolest Naruto Shippuuden Ending? 103
What is the coolest Naruto movie theme!!! 66
What is the coolest ending of Naruto? 105
What is the coolest opening of Naruto ? 44
Whose got the coolest male hairstyle? 153
Do you ever watch silly Naruto-videos on Youtube? 58
What element do you prefer to be your own? 128
What do you like from below? 76
What's more fun? 65
the only reason Sakura and Naruto will be a couple: 156
Would you ever join the ninja academy if possible? 80
Did you ever think, Kurenai also had Sharingan? 162
Which one was the cooolest or will be the coolest? 111
Can you read or speak japanese? 66
For who does Naruto HAVE TO spare his nineth tale? 152
Do you know why the title is called Bleach? 94
How many Narutocards do you have? 20
Will sai appear also in the manga? 81
Will Sunagakure help Konohagakure with Pain? 74
Since when do you know Naruto? 106
Did you watch everything? 47
How awesome was it when Naruto heard Hinata's confession? 147
Will Naruto ever know that Hinata was training on the water (ultra pretty girl)? 154
What will Neji do if he knows about Hinata? 148
where do you read your manga online? 76
Which guy with glasses is the coolest? 133
Which one was better drawn? 94
What Naruto accesoires do you have the most? 51
Who do you think was the cutest as a young kid? 79
How long are you online on this site? 39
Who do you think had the hardest youth? 121
Hoe many episodes do you think Shippuuden wil have? 89
When Sasuke is older...He will look/behave like: 106
Who will be the 7th hokage? 250
In what language do you follow Naruto? 97
Who will become Tenten's husband? 179
how did you get in contact with Naruto? 105
What was the worst cry-scene? 142
Who's got the coolest ability of the girls? 154
What is the coolest Bijuu? 161
What is the coolest weapon to use as ninja? 102
What is the coolest animal? 76
Can Sakura also do a summoning? 84
What is cooler? 113
Is Kakashi dead? 201
Who will become Gaara's girl? 112
Who will become Ino's husband? 140
Will Sasuke Go Back To His Friends In Konoha? 154
Will Sasuke Go Back To His Friends In Konoha? 153
Will Sasuke go back to Konohagakure? 118
How many episodes will Naruto shippuuden have? 121

Created by NarutoPsycho

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