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Personal Information
Real Name: Erika B Conner
Gender: Female
Country: United States
Age: 29 years old
Join Date: January 1st, 2009
Last Update: April 17th, 2009
About narutoqueen24
About Me: well I am 24 yrs young, and I love to interact with people. I have one child, and am married to a wonderful man. I love to watch my naruto volume dvds in which I have just collected the 13th volume dvd box set. I love collecting little things and write in my journal. I also love listening to my music and hanging out with family and friends.
Activities: reading, writing, drawing,playing my video games,( x-box 360 )and of course watching Naruto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Interests: I have a lot of interests. I really cant name them all.
Favorite TV Shows: Naruto, futurama, family guy, robot chicken, and many more
Favorite Movies: star wars, final destination series, x-men ( all three ) and my Naruto box sets 1-13. They are soo awesome and cost a lot of money to be honest. around $20-$54 so check them out!
Favorite Music: rock music, My rock music goes on and on and on...My favorite band is Chevelle.
Favorite Books: halo book series, Naruto Magna.
Favorite Quotes: I have a bad feeling about this. <br /> and of course BELIEVE IT

Comments (588)

tnx for the post hope to hear from you as well!

Posted by raypec 5 years ago

ur too old for watching naruto!!!!

Posted by navid_madara 5 years ago

are you going too replay any time soon

Posted by whswhs 5 years ago

i like your new pic

Posted by himechan25 5 years ago

i been haveing agood day

Posted by pocohons 5 years ago

hey, i've been good. how about you? =)

Posted by EraChan 5 years ago

did u forget the naruto battle?

Posted by choji317 5 years ago

whats up lets git this party started send back

Posted by whswhs 5 years ago


Posted by MYKbrian 5 years ago

ur a little old for naruto

Posted by garra359 5 years ago

thanx man & your gf is so damn straight hawt ahahaha

Posted by duuuude 5 years ago

hey so i thanke i should tell u i live in aplacement but i leave in june of 2009

Posted by pocohons 5 years ago

hey girl its raypec, i can't pick up my pm's right now so, just post me on my profile please. im sorry for the inconvience, but me and my friends profiled are getting mixed up. so if u have something to say, just post it. bye. remember to tell my husband that i said hi.

Posted by raypec 5 years ago

i meant your husband sorry

Posted by raypec 5 years ago

haw i like your profile

Posted by whswhs 5 years ago

Thanks! =3 It's a webcam picture, what do you expect? Lol =P I'm working on a better quality picture now. Haha
-Haylee (Naru)

Posted by DarkLithium 5 years ago

thx, haven't talked to you for a while, how the hubby?

Posted by fighter-of-life 5 years ago

Thanx for the comment, nice art.

Posted by abbashyugga 5 years ago

i know, cant pick up my pms sorry :(

Posted by raypec 5 years ago

seriously,thanks for all the awesome comments.

Posted by samo11 5 years ago


Posted by Vikash 5 years ago




Posted by El2i3 5 years ago


Posted by NumberListFive 5 years ago

lol sorry for mistaken and cool nice video who made this one?

Posted by duuuude 5 years ago

thank you =)

Posted by al_ena121 5 years ago