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navid_sasuke's Profile
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Personal Information
Real Name: amanda sucker
Gender: Female
Country: United States
Age: 28 years old
Join Date: January 9th, 2009
Last Update: February 16th, 2009
About navid_sasuke
About Me: u have to discover
Activities: tennis,basketball,soccer,swimming...
Interests: sucking... be fucking dancing
Favorite Movies: american pie 1 2 3 4 5 6 sex and the city american poop
Favorite Music: pop,ruck,rap...
Favorite Books: manga...
Favorite Quotes: after a dark night always come a brighter day

Comments (97)

hi and how are you

Posted by diggy82 5 years ago

wats the point of making polls like that dude

Posted by bleachvsnaruto 5 years ago

fake pic right?

i agree wit Pg on tis....this site is turnin into a porno.......sry

Posted by lava245 5 years ago

wow. that desperate for sex.
you're just a girl who has very low self-esteem. and got a fake picture of a girl in "sexy" outfit. so when guys look at this. they'll say "damn baby. you're hot" so you can feel good about yourself. and when you're in school. you don't care what the popular kids say to you because you think that there's guy over the internet wanting to "fuck" you.
pathetic VIRGIN loserr. (:

Posted by animefreakk666 5 years ago

hi am new to the nc

Posted by omar86100 5 years ago

I agree wit animefreakk

Posted by Pein_Rock123 5 years ago


Posted by tahseeb 5 years ago

i bet u its a fake pic and ur just a lonely ugly as.s girl looking 4 some attention

Posted by luisfer21069 5 years ago

this site is really turning porno.how sad

Posted by jameel1990 5 years ago

damn, you are truly, truly sad.
i actually feel sorry for you for being so desperate and fake.

Posted by ANBU-Asuma 5 years ago

I actually renewed my NC account just to lol at this... XD

Posted by Metallikun 5 years ago

nice just tone it down just a pidge

Posted by darkerdeepdown 5 years ago

I guess I am sorry that people have to be mean and all. They wouldn't be though if you put some clothes on. TRUST ME! You will be a lot more liked if you cover your self up.

Posted by narutoqueen24 5 years ago

for all we know this users a 40 year old dude.. living in his 1 bedroom bachelors apartment.. lurking on narutocentral.com lol =S

Posted by ig33ve 5 years ago

there was a 4, 5 & 6 american pie movie? o.0

Posted by Uchiha_revenge 5 years ago

navid kinda sounds like a guy's name.. hehehe..
NC should have Banned this one..

Posted by kazuki_rhen 5 years ago

u guys are mean....this bitch is hawt lols

Posted by blahblahblah99 5 years ago

yeah i know.. but i like the name navid_sasuke much better than amanda sucker..

Posted by kazuki_rhen 5 years ago

if your the girl in the pic why u don't post another pic so we can see if your real or fake ??

Posted by luisfer21069 5 years ago

hi everyone

Posted by navid_sasuke 5 years ago

i can only think of ¨dont judge a book by its cover¨

Posted by luisfer21069 5 years ago

The girl in the picture is Raven Riley. Pornstar...

Posted by veiss 5 years ago

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