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Real Name: NE
Gender: Male
Country: Antarctica
Join Date: July 19th, 2009
Last Update: November 27th, 2009

Comments (17)

Wow, your one to post a comment on one of the users that he's 'fuck' ugly, but you yourself dun have a profile pic. you insecure about something?

Posted by PsychoMime 5 years ago

Hey, why are you being rude, what did he do to you? So he might not be cute or anything but he seems nice on the inside

Posted by Temaricutie 5 years ago

Hiya! Thankx for the friend request!

Posted by Bluesakura14 5 years ago

whassup man? thats cool ur puerto rican

Posted by skyballin 5 years ago

Hello! Welcome to NC! You have lots of fun here.

Posted by narutoqueen24 5 years ago

Yo soy aburrido, ¿Qué estás haciendo?

Posted by Bluesakura14 5 years ago

Bien benido a nc

Posted by yadira 5 years ago

And ufc is the shit

Posted by yadira 5 years ago

welcome and have fun
nice lips....

Posted by Janin 5 years ago

welcome 2 NC,,,
have fun & make noise..lol

Posted by lolmar 5 years ago

anyways,thnx for friend req ;]

Posted by mixy 5 years ago

Thnx 4 the friend request!

Posted by XxJessxX 5 years ago


Posted by animefreakk666 5 years ago

um,hi ^.^

Posted by mixy 5 years ago

good u

Posted by Midknight 5 years ago

thx for req....

Posted by totally_uchiha 5 years ago

i,m good whats up i havent been on here in like 4ever

Posted by Midknight 4 years ago