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Personal Information
Real Name: Brittany Cutright
Gender: Female
Country: United States
Age: 17 years old
Join Date: May 19th, 2009
Last Update: July 24th, 2009
About Neij_Lover_101
About Me: Hmmmm,lets see.I'm 5'8",have long brown hair,blue eyes and I'm skinny.My hole family this I'm beautiful.And thinks I should become a model because of my height,long legs and I'm pretty.Mybe I will,anyway,If you have anything you want to ask then go right ahead.And thats all I got,and yes,I'm going to add a picture of myself.Soon,witch is like in 20 yrs or somethin' :) :p
Activities: Swimming,painting,origami(paper folding),reading,siting on my computer for hours at a time,and trying to find anime as half as good as Naruto :) :p
Interests: Naruto,Twilght,books,Narutocentral.com :),Avatar the last airbender and soooooo much more :);p
Favorite TV Shows: Naruto,TrueBlood,Avatar the last airbender :):p
Favorite Movies: All of the Naruto movies-and Shippuden movies too.Transformers.
Favorite Music: Superchick,A7X,Hoobastank,Red,Skillet and a hole more :) :p
Favorite Books: Black Dagger Brotherhood,Sookie Stackhouse novles,and the Nightwalkers series.
Favorite Quotes: "Though the snake dreams...Of soaring through the sky,it is forever doomed...To crawl on his belly.You'll have your chance to fly,snake ...In the talons of a hawk."-Quote,Sasuke Uchiha. "Nothing ventured,nothing gained".-Quote,Rock Lee.(I say this all the time.)

Comments (3)

haha, yeah i'm with you on that...

Posted by vumashanker 5 years ago

haha, yeah i'm with you on that...

Posted by vumashanker 5 years ago

Hey big butt what cha doing!?!

Posted by Gaara_Lover_1 5 years ago