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Personal Information
Real Name: happy tomato
Gender: Male
Age: 18 years old
Join Date: January 12th, 2010
Last Update: February 16th, 2010
About nekuphones
About Me: i like drawing naruto and bleach, but i just started bleach and im kinda in the middle of naruto, so im still learning to draw them.... *sigh* &gt;.&gt; ..oh and when i draw, i am real enthusiastic at first, then i get lazy and shade retardedly. :<br /> i like going on youtube and watching parodies, and naruto techno (i know, its lame...techno sucks, apparently. : ) and i surf, and i when i get bursts of energy i like to work out, or run around like a dumbass.... yeeaah....oh and i like um, hanging out with friends and stuff like that. and eating lots of sweet things. even if it kills me. and i have 3 dogs. heelers. they love me. i&#039;ll be uploading some naruto and bleach pics soon, sooo check them out.
Activities: eating, sleeping, reading watching, showering ( yeah i lke it), surfing, and many other ing&#039;s.
Interests: Downloading illigal DS and PSP games. And candy. oh and i like eating tomatoes. A LOT. I wash them, then i put salt on it, then i eat it. :3
Favorite TV Shows: if its anime, i have watched sora no otoshimono, it is so damn funny.<br /> and naruto, bleach, and some other crap, i guerss.<br /> <br /> as for tv, well....ehehe..<br /> i dont watch much. .__.&quot;
Favorite Movies: NARUTO AND BLEACH MOVIES. oh and funny ones. im shit scared when it comes to horrors like the whinny the pooh and stuff. .__.
Favorite Music: 凸(o_o)凸 sleepy ones.
Favorite Books: The Lightning Thief, written by this awesome guy. and all the other books he writes. i read on special occasions. *nevar* OMGTHE MOVIE IS OUT!!! apparently it has been out for ages... o.o my bad.
Favorite Quotes: whats a quotation? sounds tasty...

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i have registered!!! yus!!!

Posted by nekuphones 4 years ago