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nicks43's Profile
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Personal Information
Real Name: nick stilfield
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Age: 17 years old
Join Date: November 13th, 2009
Last Update: November 20th, 2009
About nicks43
Favorite TV Shows: narto,naruto shippuuden,and family guy.
Favorite Movies: twilight,2012,astro boy,and new moon.
Favorite Music: contry,rock,and a little bit of screamo.
Favorite Books: the twilight saga

Comments (9)

lol.... i can see why
so how r u?

Posted by Janin 4 years ago

thx for invite:3

Posted by deathcat 4 years ago


Posted by santinaew 4 years ago

sure is ^___^

Posted by mixy 4 years ago

hi =)
not much lately...
whats up ?

Posted by Janin 4 years ago

lol .... i love it =D

Posted by Janin 4 years ago

so u dont like hip hip rap or rnb just country<---gay
astro boy hahaha<---- i would say its cuz ur 13 but wen i was 13 that was to gay for me hahaha
twilight n new moon is for girls cuz they just watch it cuz they got bodies n shit
family guy is one the illest shows 2012 is just ill

Posted by acethat10 4 years ago

i love your whole profile

Posted by partygirl101 4 years ago

thx for the request

Posted by dy_emina 4 years ago