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Real Name: Nicole Hall
Gender: Female
Country: United States
Age: 24 years old
Join Date: April 20th, 2009
Last Update: April 20th, 2009
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Posted by sam_vixch 5 years ago

welcome to NC

Posted by inochanalove16 5 years ago

hi welcome

Posted by telvam 5 years ago

welcome to NC, how are you???

Posted by vumashanker 5 years ago

Hi there =D welcome to NarutoC!

Posted by Sexy-No-Jutsu 5 years ago

welcome to nc

Posted by chef_dj 5 years ago

I hope you enjoy NC...

Posted by Saints 5 years ago

Welcome to NC! Have lots of fun here.

Posted by narutoqueen24 5 years ago


Posted by imrickjames 5 years ago

welcome to NC cutie

Posted by iLLMaTiC619 5 years ago

glad to have beauties on this site

Posted by chaos-uchiha 5 years ago

huhuhu welcome

Posted by fizoe7 5 years ago


Posted by tizoy 5 years ago

i've added you in my YIM...so please approve ok...enjoy NC

Posted by zuru_sama 5 years ago

welcome to NC!
wanna be friend?

Posted by Uchiha_Kazuya 5 years ago

i luv nc

Posted by DrakkarNior 5 years ago

hey....you soo sweet

Posted by muallim_qayyum 5 years ago

hey hey hey nice pic
and welcome to the nc where u can find out about me

Posted by tahseeb 5 years ago

Welcome to NC hope you enjoy your time here ^_^

Posted by Uchiha_revenge 5 years ago

Chutiya hai hum kya moti,welcome to NC

Posted by mohammadx3 5 years ago

hey baby and welcom to NC!!!
,.its the best site for Naruto fans.


Posted by jademelgazo 5 years ago

welly to Nc!!!!!!

Posted by XXGirlyGirlXX 5 years ago


Posted by fatalx0021 5 years ago

add me ym haideen-jkr2.

Posted by haideen_jkr 5 years ago

i like the way nikkibael posed...........she soooooo.hhmm...to chat with

Posted by geofel 5 years ago

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