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Real Name: Anisah Hussein
Gender: Female
Age: 22 years old
Join Date: November 16th, 2009
Last Update: August 17th, 2010
About nisa10
Activities: Football, Dacing, Shopping, Chilling with friends, Having a Laugh :)
Interests: Sport, Music, Dance
Favorite TV Shows: Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, 24, Lost, Prison Break, So You Think You Can Dance
Favorite Movies: The Lord Of The Rings, Kill Bill, Pirates Of The Caribbean, The Hangover, Stomp The Yar, Step Up, Avatar, Saw, Slumdog Millionaire, The Dark Knight,Finding Nemo, Ice Age, Shrek
Favorite Music: Michael Jackson! :) Anything with a good beat
Favorite Quotes: Im sorry, Sasuke. Some other time, okay? Itachi Art is a bang! Deidara As the other dies, their agony radiates through my body, and living through it is pure ecstasy! Hidan Keep talking, and I will kill you. Kakazu I wont allow my comrades to die. Ill protect you with my life. Trust me Kakashi In that case, I hereby declare... the Fourth Ninja World War. Madara With my hatred... Ill turn the illusion into reality! Sasuke

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thanks for warm welcome, see you around ^^

Posted by easternprince 4 years ago

hey what your relegion ?

Posted by hackerumas 4 years ago

well damn i was pretty late lol i love the new naruto intro

Posted by glennyboi 4 years ago

np cutie

Posted by Alfiee85 4 years ago

spring break over huh~~ sux man, hope it was a memorable one.

My sis wont eat pizza either, I always just eat what I want and I have very unhealthy tastes lol but I can eat all day and not gain a pound I swear VERY HIGH metabolism.

Posted by Alex89 4 years ago

OH and I got to see Elton John in concert on the 9th

jealous much???? lol

Posted by Alex89 4 years ago

holy crap I just watched the anime and next week is going to rule!

Posted by Alex89 4 years ago

yeah i know its crazy how he died, but how do you think naruto is going so far

Posted by Divine-Samurai 4 years ago

I have a couple theorys on the coffin but my number one is that I think its the real Madara Uchiha and Tobi is playing everybody. I think that would be awesome. I want Kabuto to bring back the fourth though because that would be soo cool to have him fight Naruto or something.

Posted by Alex89 4 years ago

One guy I saw on the forum thinks that Madara has killed one of the Kages or something at the summit and replaced him with a Zetsu clone and thats who was in the coffin. I think that ones a little crazyy but a really cool thought.

Posted by Alex89 4 years ago

dont get me started on that coffin! lol

Posted by Alex89 4 years ago

haha yeah i know what you mean, so who's your favorite character

Posted by Divine-Samurai 4 years ago

selamun aleykum

Posted by 61rasengan61 4 years ago

I hope Tobi is Obito to actually, the only thing that makes me think he is really Madara is that one chapter after the Sasuke Itachi fight, It just seems kind of ridiculous to me that anyone would sit there and explain Madaras past about his brother and everything to Sasuke. I really want to see someone from Kakashi's past though.

Posted by Alex89 4 years ago

I want to see how Rin was killed they never show anything or say anything about it, and I want to see how he got his Mangekyou Sharingan

Posted by Alex89 4 years ago

lol that is alot, mines is Shikamaru, asuma, and rock lee, Lee is the best!!!

Posted by Divine-Samurai 4 years ago

no problem my friend! im tryin to mke more anime friends than i already have lol

Posted by Loveless4518 4 years ago

you watch the derby, but were back in the title race thanks to old scholes.lolololololol.

and chelsea lost to spurs.haha. neway i heard that real madris made rooney their no1 target for the summer, they made a bid for £90million.DAMN and their using ronaldo to try persuade him.lol

Posted by mangekyoeternal 4 years ago

hey nisa its me sasuke-_-uchiha. i got a new account becuz i forgot my passwrd. ugh it sucks. so ill b sticking with thys 1. man i hve 2 strt all over.

Posted by dreadninja 4 years ago

hello have a nice day

Posted by matty24818 4 years ago

hey how'r you?

Posted by marwenuz 4 years ago

hi whats up?

Posted by arkodeepsaha 4 years ago

haha no problem whats up?

Posted by irynmllr 4 years ago

i'm fine too thx
what you think of the anime 156?

Posted by marwenuz 4 years ago

your welcome. and i love the MJ picture!
hope you are well. xx

Posted by himechan25 4 years ago