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Real Name: FGFS
Gender: Male
Country: Bolivia
Age: 34 years old
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Comments (57)

hey ur ceiling has a hole in it lol wassup?

Posted by dgvod2007 5 years ago


Posted by whatsupinthehood 5 years ago

ever heard Freak Kitchen???

best guitarist in my opinion,

some good songs: Jerk, Porno daddy, spanking hour and nobody's laughing

Posted by RexLupin 5 years ago

Nice work dude some serious heavy shit my band plays more like a mix of arch enemy and in flames. but its hard to compare.


it's a crappy version but it's all we have for the moment. we have change between 3 or 4 studios and all of them were shit at what they did

Posted by RexLupin 5 years ago

yeah. it's a shame. but hwo knows. maybe someday we will come to conquer canada as well as norway, an when that day comes you are more than welcome to join the tour of destruction with our music! hehe

Posted by RexLupin 5 years ago

thats not what yo mamma told me.. i fucked her last night

Posted by godofhuman 5 years ago

dont worry godofhuman wont bother u ever again he gave me his profile so its mine now... Princedarkshadow

Posted by godofhuman 4 years ago

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