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Personal Information
Real Name: Melissa Hodgins
Gender: Female
Country: Canada
Age: 26 years old
Join Date: December 1st, 2008
Last Update: October 14th, 2009
About oOoxXxKyuubixXxoOo
About Me: I'm an animal care student and really want to become an animal behaviourist specializing in exotics. mangas read: Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, Full Metal Alchemist, One Piece, Fruits Basket, D.Gray-man, Hunter X Hunter, Flame of Recca, Rurouni Kenshin, Historys strongest disciple kenichi, Its Not Like That Darling, Loveless, Fairy Tail, Fire Candy, Elfen Lied, Inyuyasha, Blue Dragon, Rosario + Vampire I, Rosario + Vampire II, Monster, Ayashi no ceres, 666 satan, Rave, Zombie Powder, MAR, Absolute Boyfriend, Alice 19th... wow i've read 30-40 more since i was last on this site. lol I shall conquer onemanga.com!
Activities: I am not an active person... (seriously failed gym twice in high school. Why run when you can sit and play video games?)
Interests: Reading, writing, video games, rock music, guitar, any sort of puzzle games, anime, and animals especially reptiles
Favorite TV Shows: Naruto Greys Anatomy South Park 1000 ways to die (death by masturbating with a carrot? wtf?) HOUSE
Favorite Movies: Shawshank Redemption Stardust Naruto movies Bleach the Rock musical! Kill Bill
Favorite Music: Rock, mostly metal for example... system of a down, metallica, godsmack, black lable society, pantera, avenged sevenfold, steve vai, dream theater and such
Favorite Books: Anything stephen king The Bourne Identity Lamb(by christopher moore f***in hilarious) The Count of Monte Cristo
Favorite Quotes: Open your eyes Open your ears Close your hand and make a fist m/

Comments (961)

ur lucky i missed.

Posted by choji317 5 years ago

hey Mel what's been up with the cool chick from up north?

Posted by Uchiha_revenge 5 years ago

here a diferent smile (better :$) xD

Posted by Pagamim_leet 5 years ago

Ur absolutely right. Its the best chapter ever! lol

Oh i noticed tht u've finished reading flame of recca. girl thts pretty fast lol

btw do u think Full metal alchemist was gd? i heard its pretty gd, maybe i'll read it lol

Posted by jinchuuriki1312 5 years ago

not to bad lol did you read the latest manga

Posted by opiumdeth 5 years ago

yah np hope you like it XD

Posted by chanboo 5 years ago

RE5! you lucky bastard xD

I'm doing ok, nothing exciting yet though... v.v

Posted by Uchiha_revenge 5 years ago

mine are usually green, but like when i get aggravated/super stressed they turn grey-ish

Posted by ANBU-Asuma 5 years ago

Eh? is it really tht great? seriously from 1 to 10

hmm..tell me a lil spoiler of it, jst a little, not too much pls.

now im pretty curious lol

Posted by jinchuuriki1312 5 years ago

Chidori Storm!

Posted by MaximumRide 5 years ago

I Love Guitar Hero / Rock Band !!!
I played it for the First time a week ago...
I'm Hooked !!!

Posted by Quiznoss 5 years ago

hey! How are you?

Posted by HardcoreXxXEmo 5 years ago

leaf hurricane!

Posted by choji317 5 years ago

Mad Dance of Infinity!

Posted by choji317 5 years ago

Love your profile. Seems that you like guitar hero. Ever play rock band? That game is totally awesome. Try it some time if you haven't already. Well have a good day!

Posted by narutoqueen24 5 years ago

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join with the url i gave u and start off with 10 swagbucks

Posted by jzilla02 5 years ago

Hey Mel what's been poppin' chika.

Posted by Uchiha_revenge 5 years ago

give ya a hint doll face ,
he's blonde , wears an orange jumpsuit and a ninja head protector

its from naruto girl ,
Itachi says that to Sasuke when he kicks his ass the second time they meet

Posted by kenshinsama007 5 years ago

nothing, just work and rock band. trying build my expert skillz up xD

Posted by Uchiha_revenge 5 years ago

Don't know bout flame of recca but in RK there was a similar quote from Shisho but his was more of a
"the strong survive and the weak shall perish"
or something along the animal food chain philosophy

Posted by kenshinsama007 5 years ago

guitar and vocals, but I'm working on the drums right now. so I can get the rest of the achivements lol

Posted by Uchiha_revenge 5 years ago

yeah I have it on 360. I need to agast the timing setting of my drum.

Posted by Uchiha_revenge 5 years ago

cool! a bearded dragon right?

Posted by Average-Nick 5 years ago

i have already read it. it's avery inspiring love story. not just that i feel like it inspires me to be a better person. it was cute. but d gray man is bomb. it's been awhile .....but i think for your own good it might be best to keep the shit out of ur life. hope all is good.

Posted by tsunadetiger007 5 years ago

oOoOoOo bet your boyfriend isn't too happy right now!
it was a good series but the pens came out on top
i think we're taking the cup this year!

Posted by RasenganOfAnger 5 years ago