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Personal Information
Real Name: pareesh phulkar
Gender: Male
Country: India
Age: 26 years old
Join Date: August 17th, 2009
Last Update: February 5th, 2010
About phulkarpareesh
Activities: Sketching movies
Interests: Anime Music
Favorite TV Shows: Naruto Ship Bleach Friends How I Met Your Mother
Favorite Movies: Shawshank Redemption The Illusionist Sholay Munna Bhai M.B.B.S
Favorite Music: Rock I worship Metallica
Favorite Books: 5 point someone One night at call Centre Da Vinci Code Angels and Demons Shantaram
Favorite Quotes: few Poems:Hate to Love Come Back Son Stages of Pain

Comments (22)

Welcome To NC. Enjoy.

Posted by Cranestyle 5 years ago

Nice Pic, and Welcome To NC

Posted by YunoU1Sw 5 years ago

Hello,howre you?
Welcome to Nc....have fun;]

Posted by Sarah_live 5 years ago

have fun!!

Posted by Keisha09 5 years ago

Welcome to nc

Posted by yadira 5 years ago

good taste but bleach is better even though its second to naruto. no offence

Posted by byakurukia 5 years ago


Posted by dy_emina 5 years ago

tx for the invite

Posted by cat-man-do 5 years ago

Hi..thanks for the add!!^^

Posted by Haruyama 5 years ago

watsup there. cool cosplays.

Posted by francineHoney 5 years ago

thanks for the add! xD

Posted by bella1025 5 years ago

wow!!cool cosplay!!

Posted by nazri_mps 5 years ago

stoping to say hi

Posted by cat-man-do 5 years ago

nice ava


Posted by Janin 5 years ago

hi there buddy

Posted by sandy123 5 years ago

not bad about your poems...but to be honest..i jst want to give some strategies hope you dont get mad..put some rhymes (proportional)...like first - third stanza and second - fourth stanza...just to give the readers a life to read...

Posted by jutsukun 5 years ago

dude u have a awesome profile picture

Posted by XxBLOODxX 4 years ago

i want ninku.... and some other comix as well....

have added ur yahoo id in my personal Send list....
chk ur mail box regularly......

I also have many friends in Pune... Whr do u exactly stay in pune....?

Posted by varsamson 4 years ago

i watch ninku.... sorry for the mispell

Posted by varsamson 4 years ago

Thanks for the add

Posted by nisa10 4 years ago

hey dude wassup...

Posted by gcgk 4 years ago

haha, nice pic and thanks for the request.
hope ta seeing ya around!!

Posted by uchiha_kitten 4 years ago