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Personal Information
Real Name: Pilis
Gender: Female
Country: Sweden
Age: 20 years old
Join Date: August 14th, 2009
Last Update: August 29th, 2009
About Piiilis
About Me: Eh, I'm Pilis! *waves* Hi
Activities: I do things! ... and stuff. Well, I hang out with my darlings.
Interests: I love sailing.
Favorite Movies: The Illusionist. Yes Man, Moulin Rouge.
Favorite Music: Oh dear .. Everything
Favorite Books: GAAH Potter ... And Naruto OFC
Favorite Quotes: "It was a barking spider!"

Comments (27)

hey LInn welcome to NC have fun !

Posted by wonderboy891 5 years ago

Welcome welcome welcome

Posted by TechTaKitty 5 years ago

welcome to NC

Posted by Eg_Virus 5 years ago

hi welcome to nc.....

Posted by yuvaraj 5 years ago

Hello, Howre you? Welcome to NC!

Posted by Mazhar_guy 5 years ago

welcom3 t* nc

Posted by Es2007 5 years ago

Yellow! welcome to NC! why hide the pretty face?! ehehehe

Posted by al_rosiemae 5 years ago

hi there,how are you?
ooo nice placewith a NICE girl nice....
Welcome to NC....enjoy

Posted by Sarah_live 5 years ago

Welcome (",)

Posted by lemonwinter 5 years ago

welcome to NS,,, wish u all the fun

Posted by khalidconan 5 years ago

Welcome To NC

Posted by YunoU1Sw 5 years ago

welcome to NC!!

Posted by mykel100 5 years ago

hi piiilis i love you mwah

Posted by dharylle 5 years ago

there you go again...lol...with the kissing...lol.

Posted by Bullet6965 5 years ago

my pleasure m also FINE thanks

Posted by Sarah_live 5 years ago

am also fine thanks

Posted by Mazhar_guy 5 years ago

hello....ur so cute with a nice background...i like u.do u have a friendster accnt. add me jsn_son_24@yahoo.com.ph

Posted by NHEI 5 years ago

Um hi and welcome to nc LOL nice pic

Posted by yadira 5 years ago

Wooo...the last hidden forest ninja.... sugoi ne...">,<

Posted by ragarx 5 years ago

Welcome to the NC Jungle. I must say the dock with the plants in the water, is absolutely beautiful. You have beautiful eyes as well.

Posted by skada 5 years ago

hi,, welcome to NC

Posted by dy_emina 5 years ago

hey u , thanks for the comment , how are u ?

greetz hardi

Posted by Hardi86 5 years ago

thanks for the add.

Posted by cat-man-do 5 years ago

just stoping by to say hi

Posted by cat-man-do 5 years ago

saying hi again

Posted by cat-man-do 5 years ago

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