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Personal Information
Real Name: ninjArtist
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Age: 95 years old
Join Date: February 12th, 2009
Last Update: October 6th, 2010
About pinkBallet
About Me: I love Street Fighter 3rd Strike! I can kick anybody's ass with Chun-li, or, Ken. I aslo play chess online @ come2play.com. I love both my gals and guys (but love my gals more :P) I'm a proud illustrator/artist and someday I will publish my own stories, or have one of my stories hit the silver screen of Hollywood!
Activities: Mainly: wake up, peepee, poopoo, cleanup myself, exercise, shower, eat, brush teeth, play, eat again, brush/floss teeth, cleanup, play, sleep, and do all this all over again tomorrow.
Interests: drawing/painting (both traditionally and digitally), writing stories, renting movies, reading novels/comics, playing video games (particularly Street Fighter 3rd Strike), cooking, swimming, practicing jujitsu (I'm red belt), exercising at my home gym (everyday for 30min. b4 shower), and riding/taking care of my 2009 Yamaha YZF-R1!!!
Favorite TV Shows: who needs TV when I got HighSpeed internet. Been years since I haven't watched TV.
Favorite Movies: Batman:Begin/DarkKnight, Constantine, 3-Iron, Spirited Away, Sleepy Hallow, Pirates of Caribbean, Harry Potter, Twilight, and more...
Favorite Music: I am deaf--notice I didn't put music interest and I only rent movies.
Favorite Books: White-Wolf publisher's Vampire Masquerade: Clan Novel Sagas, illustration books, manga (I love Ranma 1/2), graphic novels.
Favorite Quotes: sleep trumps sex.

Comments (149)

nobody likes my fanart???

Posted by pinkBallet 5 years ago

I like it, don't worry. Just add more colours & it'll turn better.

Posted by Tsunami_Uchiha_San 5 years ago

hey thanks at least i impressed one!

Posted by pinkBallet 5 years ago

hey there, watsup

Posted by francineHoney 5 years ago

hey hey....how was the motorcycle driving test???

Posted by francineHoney 5 years ago

I like your Pain Fanart

Posted by mupe0242 5 years ago

thanx for the tip lovely! xoxoxo

Posted by francineHoney 5 years ago

chess online, I have to beat you then, wht do u think???

Posted by aboodred1 5 years ago


Posted by amitycoin 5 years ago

nothing much,.....wat abt u ???? :)

Posted by SAM_86 5 years ago

did u have other fanart

Posted by amitycoin 5 years ago

Hey! there! i like you picture =) how are you today?

Posted by lance2b 5 years ago

Was dropping at your fan art and just reminded me how badass Pain is, mad painting skills btw, hope you do more!

Posted by AlternateKyon 5 years ago

me to bro..........

Posted by hackerumas 5 years ago

wht is the best time for u to beat u in chess????

wht is the best why for u to play it?


Posted by aboodred1 5 years ago

im gud..you?...i got some good fan fic and i need feed back..tell me wat you think ..even if u think it sux

Posted by whytboi0001 5 years ago

sounds good, I'll see you @ come2play.com on 8:00 pm your time; no problem.

by the way I was living in Indiana.

Posted by aboodred1 5 years ago

hi. How are you..??

Posted by XBum_EyesX 5 years ago

awee thanks soo much glad you like it

Posted by ryuk-apples 5 years ago

hey sexybikerGirl watup!

watcha gonna do over the 3 day weekend?

Posted by francineHoney 5 years ago

yeah same here, but cant get the episode to stream :(

Posted by XBum_EyesX 5 years ago

Lol well they do look hott!!

Haha so you like all the badboys huh?

I like itachi, perve sage, and kakashi

Posted by VMRNC 5 years ago

my gamer tag on come2play is aboodred1, just a reminder

Posted by aboodred1 5 years ago

yes sure

Posted by aboodred1 5 years ago

hay on which channel you are in now

Posted by aboodred1 5 years ago

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