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Personal Information
Real Name: princedarkshadow
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Age: 22 years old
Join Date: November 12th, 2007
Last Update: July 13th, 2010
About PrinceDarkshadow
About Me: im learning how to play guitar alot better i know how to play drumms im in a band... u can ask me for advise for how to make ur own rock and metal band so rock on and party on... i like metal gear, Halo, guitar hero, rockband, Sonic, Saw the video game
Activities: hey im princedarkshadow but u can call me pds... i like to go to concerts make moshpits... put my headphones on put my hood on and go to sleep while the teacher is teaching.... im gothic.. i like to talk to ppl and jam out with my band
Favorite Movies: saw 1,2,3,4,5,6 Hostel
Favorite Music: alot of rock and metal.... i know alot of my rock and metal i can tell u want kind they r and i bet i would get it right... trust me i know alot of good music that will blow u out of the water
Favorite Books: saikano the last love song on this planet
Favorite Quotes: Rock and metal, dummy ^_^ is that all u got

Comments (1,186)

wait mine?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!

Posted by deidaralover34567 4 years ago

hello, how have you been?
im doing well. enjoying the manga and anime.

Posted by himechan25 4 years ago

guys do it all the time so i wuld let u

Posted by deidaralover34567 4 years ago

nm much bored, u?

Posted by Cutiepie92 4 years ago

Haha well you should get back to work

Posted by Cutiepie92 4 years ago

Heyy prince ^o^ how are ya?

Posted by nikec123 4 years ago

fine unite my exams has been finished?what about u?

Posted by ghazale_sama 4 years ago

thanks for accepting :D

Posted by deathsavers 4 years ago

hey, I'm fine. thanks!

Posted by _itachi-san_ 4 years ago

hello i'm fine and you =) ?

Posted by Naiiri 4 years ago

hei not much, its been along time since ive been on so i just saw ur post,how has everything been ?

Posted by marife7 4 years ago

but ummmmm

Posted by deidaralover34567 4 years ago

LOL Anything is better than working!! I have to do the list of chores my mom left for me :(

Posted by Cutiepie92 4 years ago

HAha ya it does suck but i managed to finish everything Now i have to go and finish studying :(

Posted by Cutiepie92 4 years ago

iyaaa back at cha (: <3

Posted by mariposa13 4 years ago

hello you..i'm all sorts of awesomeness...just been keeping busy...i been sick recently but im finally coming around to getting better

how have u been hun?

Posted by ThickiMinaj 4 years ago

hello!! sorry for the late reply XD so how are u?? (:

Posted by boneca 4 years ago

am goood thanks and ye hell ya its trueee ;D

and what abt you? <3

Posted by mariposa13 4 years ago

lol XD thats fine (: what do u work on???

Posted by boneca 4 years ago

hello... how have you been? are you done with school now? i hope your doing well and enjoying the summer. xD

Posted by himechan25 4 years ago


Posted by me_or 4 years ago

lol'd hard at ur photo hahahah what a fkin nerd fanboy emo cunt

Posted by costaaa 4 years ago

im doing great... how are you? did you enjoy the naruto ep? i cant wait to see this next ep. take care darling xx

Posted by himechan25 4 years ago

Im good
how are you
I love your playlist by the way =]

Posted by neonSCREAM 4 years ago

btw im giving you, your first warning as well for flamming, for now on come stright to me or another mod on the site when you have an issue with something please instead of taking it into your own hands

Posted by tommyboy32211 4 years ago