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Personal Information
Real Name: Eva
Gender: Female
Country: United States
Age: 19 years old
Join Date: June 16th, 2007
Last Update: August 2nd, 2009
About punkgirl913
About Me: If you haven't noticed yet (damn you're a slow one, aren't ya?) I'm currently...I guess obsessed with Kingdom Hearts...(well mainly Organization XIII because they pwn) and once I get 358/2 days that'll probably be over. ^_^ Damn 9/29/09 And now I keep getting Xion for quiz results :S Don't expect me to accept a request if you're some random dude I've never even seen or talked to here. that's kinda annoying -.- I can be cruel and sadistic. you just haven't seen it yet ^_^ If you come to my profile just to start shit, espically calling me Emo, then get the f*ck outta here. Seriously, get your ass outta my profile. ╔═╦══╦═╗ Put this on your ║╩╣║║║║║ page if you are or support ╚═╩╩╩╩═╝ Emos ♥.♥.♥.
Activities: *BTW* That Pic's not me but that does look sorta like me because I don't have a printer/scanner so STFU :) *Ahem* Hanging out with friends, drawing, listening to music :D having days off of school, taking quizzes, shopping, making fun of people (If I'm bored....which is most of the time xD
Interests: Art, photography (not THAT kind ya sickos ...Does ice cream count? hehe And yes activities and interests are the same but w/e lol
Favorite TV Shows: I dunno, if i'm bored i'll watch anything cool But if almost anything anime-related is on I will watch that XD
Favorite Movies: WATCH IT!!!! Or I will stab you with a spork. ^-^
Favorite Music: My Chemical Romance, Panic At The Disco, Paramore, Katy Perry, The ting tings, Tokio Hotel, Lil Wayne (kinda) Escape the fate, Ali Project, Aqua Timez, and lots of other stuff, I dunno stuff that sounds good
Favorite Books: Manga, like Naruto, Vampire Knight Bleach, Code Geass, etc Kingdom Hearts manga, as long as it's not super-long rofl
Favorite Quotes: (From a quiz I took) Me: Watch this!! *whispers to you* I learned this from Deidara. *makes the hand sign Deidara does and mutters the word* Pein: *opens the microwave door and the Hot Pocket (which is like, on FIRE!!!!) EXPLODES IN HIS FACE* WHAT THE F***?!?!?! OW! OW! HOT! HOT!! *runs around in a circle, and sees me running off* Me: NEXT WAY!! Pein: *walks up to me,grabs my Akatsuki coat/my neck and picks me up, holding me close to his face* WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO?! Me: =3 Me? Deidara did it! He makes things explode!! Pein: =_= I saw YOU run off. Me: -_- I can't make shit explode. Pein: DX *is pissed* Remember kids, you can't spell Funeral without Fun! (from a youtube vid I watched and obviously Kingdom Hearts) Zexion: Nobody is allowed into Roxas's room except for the superior. Axel (obviously mad about it): You know what Zexion? F*ck you! and (at Vexen) f*ck you! and f*ck you, pretty boy! Marly: Oh, thank you. ^_^

Comments (1,198)

yeah except for my band and my gf lol

Posted by PrinceDarkshadow 4 years ago

Ill be honest... I did not understand your last message. And yes I feel stupid for not understanding.

Posted by naruloco 4 years ago

im alright anything new going around ? <,<

Posted by kazuza 4 years ago

so how is everything going with u

Posted by PrinceDarkshadow 4 years ago

╔══╗╔══╦╗ put this on ur profile if u
║╔═╬╩╗╔╣╚═╗support gothic love or if u
║╚╝║╬║║║╔╗║r gothic thats in love with
╚══╩═╩╝╚╝╚╝another goth.. best love in
╔╗ the Fucking World

Posted by PrinceDarkshadow 4 years ago

╔═╦══╦═╗ put this on ur profile if u
║╩╣║║║║║ support Emo love or if u r
╚═╩╩╩╩═╝ emo thats in love with another
╔╗ emo.... Best love in the
║║╔═╦╦╦═╗fucking world

Posted by PrinceDarkshadow 4 years ago

if it doesn't matter to u i understand i just did it cuz i was bored

Posted by PrinceDarkshadow 4 years ago

oh i was thinking perverted lol
but i'm already taken.. i just saw that avater and put it as mine it reminds me of me when i was a big perv. i'm not perv. anymore becuz of my gf and i'm engaged to her

Posted by PrinceDarkshadow 4 years ago

17 and 14 shes gonna turn 15

Posted by PrinceDarkshadow 4 years ago


Posted by deathcat 4 years ago

cute iconn

Posted by deathcat 4 years ago

i like your style

Posted by and-hi 4 years ago

i like your style

Posted by and-hi 4 years ago

hey yo

Posted by tatkao 4 years ago

Lolrandomposts? o wo'

Posted by punkgirl913 4 years ago

emo sucks..and i mean it.

Posted by sahilsonu 4 years ago

so doesnt mean anything

Posted by PrinceDarkshadow 4 years ago


where the hell have you been girl? =o

Posted by zezo 4 years ago

you're still alive ?


Posted by kenshinsama007 4 years ago

I thought you had a car accident that enables you to visit here anymore... EVA! [/glomp]

Posted by BHwolfgang 4 years ago

Like your style. just like my style :3

Posted by SabakunoPA 4 years ago

Gaia, i think that place is crawls with tons of nasty viruses lol

but yeah you've sure disappeared off the face of the earth eva and thanks =]

Posted by zezo 4 years ago

hellow how r u doing

Posted by darkness_rules 4 years ago

yeah ok... so wass up with u

Posted by PrinceDarkshadow 4 years ago

heeeeeeeeeeelloo, I like your avatar

Posted by uchihahebi 4 years ago