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Comments (22)


Posted by Homieg129 5 years ago

keep up the good work i really like your fanfics

Posted by Homieg129 5 years ago

nice fan fic, but where is jounin years 11,12 and 13?

Posted by nipo12 5 years ago

man your fanfics are awsome cant wait for 15

Posted by Homieg129 5 years ago

Dude you're cool....writing a long fanfic~

Posted by Tsunami_Uchiha_San 5 years ago

this would be cool if they made your fanfic apart of the end of shippuden or a new naruto series

Posted by Homieg129 5 years ago

I agree, everyone seems to love'm. Really fun read, great work!

Posted by conway1308 5 years ago

noice fan fics bro...

Posted by vumashanker 5 years ago

i love it keep em coming

Posted by Homieg129 5 years ago

u're stories are great man
really realistic and entertaining
but kakashi should be like 35 but he is retaired and old? still great job keep it comming

Posted by thebigl 5 years ago

dude u have a great imagination ur fan fics are awesome

Posted by itachi677 5 years ago

Dude!! Continue thoese fan fics now!! i love them XD

Posted by Scribbles 5 years ago

i thoroughly enjoy your fan-fics. the only thing you could do to make it better is to make the conversations easier to follow. its hard to tell sometimes when someones talking. other than that i enjoyed all of them you have so far.

Posted by gibbs_ 5 years ago

I found the Naruto Jounin Years thing too be awsome.

Posted by Rasen-Master 5 years ago

wat's up where are the fanfics

Posted by Homieg129 5 years ago

hello how are u doing today. just posting in case u didnot get my pm.

Posted by raypec 5 years ago

great stories man, makes me want to write my own. Are you gonna continue from 24b or is that it?

Posted by Deadlyalliiance 5 years ago

Love your fan fic!
I can't wait to read more, so hurry up and finish it!!

Posted by BAKAxNEKO 5 years ago

bro ur fanfic is freakin amazing plz u gotta keep series goin

Posted by jodaco 5 years ago

when i am waiting 900 years for the jonin years to go on

Posted by Sheogorath 5 years ago

sorry type mistake when will the jonin years go on

Posted by Sheogorath 5 years ago

the naruto jonin years are cool

Posted by pokemonmaster89 4 years ago