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Personal Information
Real Name: Ramazan Gungor
Gender: Male
Country: Belgium
Age: 20 years old
Join Date: May 13th, 2007
Last Update: October 13th, 2009
About Ramer
About Me: I have many names..<br /> My friends call me Ramer, Altaïr, Rambo, Setsuna...<br /> They somettimes even say that I look like an assassin!?( If I&#039;m angry, and pissed off) I'm Asian, and I'm proud of it!
Activities: I like capoeira, free running/le parkour. -&gt; jumping off buildings...the adrenaline keeps me going..
Interests: I like working on the PC, i love anime.<br /> Martial arts.
Favorite TV Shows: I watch Naruto, Gundam, and many more animes like dragonball...<br /> I like watching movies with my friends...Always be good to your friends...
Favorite Movies: The black night<br /> Naruto movies<br /> every movie thats nice, packed with action, and comedy.<br />
Favorite Music: I listen to many kinds of music... like blues.. James brown...<br /> Pop, r&amp;b,.. every music, that sounds good to my ears.
Favorite Books: Naruto manga<br /> and some belgian comic books
Favorite Quotes: Imagination is more important than knowledge.<br /> Use Martial arts only for defense.

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Posted by whatsupinthehood2 5 years ago

i dont mind ^-^
go right ahead

Posted by yuffieChan1 5 years ago

i will ha

Posted by yuffieChan1 5 years ago

thank yuu
yuu too

Posted by yuffieChan1 5 years ago

Thank u

Posted by XxJessxX 5 years ago