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Personal Information
Real Name: Rangga Osh
Gender: Male
Country: Indonesia
Age: 26 years old
Join Date: September 9th, 2007
Last Update: December 18th, 2008
About rangga210288
About Me: Nandemo nai. Simple, not special.
Activities: College in Bogor Agriculture University
Interests: Friend-Tomodachi
Favorite TV Shows: Anime, Naruto,
Favorite Movies: Anime,FF7AdvantChildren
Favorite Music: All about anime, vocal group, acapela.
Favorite Books: Novel Ficsy

Comments (121)

hello dude!! lol

Posted by yuffieChan1 5 years ago

im just fixing my
myspace up..
and yurself??

Posted by yuffieChan1 5 years ago

Hey back!

Posted by kisseslindsay 5 years ago

http://swagbucks.com/?cmd=sb-register&rb=34294 2

join with the url i gave u and start off with 10 swagbucks

Posted by jzilla02 5 years ago

uh, hi?

Posted by Temaricutie 5 years ago

yeeah, hallo..

Posted by Rei-chan 5 years ago

nice to meet you too

Posted by mewkitty14 5 years ago

i was trying to put a newer one up...lol
but it hasnt come up yet...grrrs

Posted by mewkitty14 5 years ago

there the new pic up!

Posted by mewkitty14 5 years ago

LOl still old pic

Posted by Muazzam 5 years ago

nahh that nvm.i just miss u buddy

Posted by Muazzam 5 years ago

hei^_^..yeah nice to meet u too =)

Posted by aiko_93 5 years ago

haha.busy.im busy 2.im just trying to get online here

Posted by Muazzam 5 years ago

Test Im Back

Posted by rangga210288 5 years ago

i didn know that u back! n im dead hahaha.im unpopular back.i misses when im popular. THIS IS ABOUT MY PIC HAS BEEN CHANGE TO AVA! MY PIC MAKES ME POPULAR! DAMNIT!

Posted by Muazzam 5 years ago

thnx 4 da pm

Posted by B55517B 5 years ago

well,do u think i should alive again?do u think i should be like be4?pissing people off? but Most of my friend r dead.so i think im going dead like them too.that y i always dead

Posted by Muazzam 5 years ago

lol ^///^
thank you!!

Posted by yuuffieChan01 4 years ago

tq ragga.. nice to meet u too..

Posted by emmysulizzah 4 years ago

thx for d req...

nice to meet u...

Posted by NumberListFive 4 years ago

cool pic buddy

Posted by bilka_15 4 years ago

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