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Personal Information
Real Name: Ravi Sankar
Gender: Male
Country: Trinidad and Tobago
Age: 24 years old
Join Date: December 31st, 2008
Last Update: March 10th, 2011
About ravinousindian7
About Me: Refer to my hi5 account using my gmail address.
Activities: Watching anime (especially Naruto and Bleach), playing video games, playing cricket and all activites associated with my university.
Interests: Serving God, anime, girls, games etc.
Favorite TV Shows: Naruto, Bleach (all anime in Japanese with subs), Heroes, Smallville, Prison Break etc.
Favorite Movies: All Naruto and Bleach movies, FF VII Advent Children Complete, Karas 1 and 2, Appleseed 1 and 2 too much to list...
Favorite Music: Gazette, Dir en Grey, Nightwish, Evenescence, Linkin Park etc.
Favorite Books: Manga
Favorite Quotes: The death of one man is a tragedy: the death of a million is just a statistic.

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