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Personal Information
Real Name: Leggett
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Age: 21 years old
Join Date: February 22nd, 2009
Last Update: February 23rd, 2009
About Redshieldo7
Interests: There's soccer,aikido,naruto,and...well,lots of things.
Favorite TV Shows: Naruto for sure. I don't really watch alot of tv though, I can't think of anything else.
Favorite Books: All kinds

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hi...welcome to nc....,what your motivation to join with us...?

Posted by sam_vixch 5 years ago

where are yuo stay now?

Posted by sam_vixch 5 years ago

hi there..

Posted by Uchiha_Kazuya 5 years ago

Welcome 2 NC !! ^______^

Posted by xXyukikoXx 5 years ago

welcome to nc dude

Posted by marlowe022 5 years ago

welcome to nc!

Posted by narutoqueen24 5 years ago

hey how are you??
welcome to nc^^

Posted by suiit 5 years ago

welcome 2 NC

Posted by naruhinagrl 5 years ago

welcome to NC

Posted by beerasa 5 years ago

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