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Personal Information
Real Name: Maily Rodriguez
Gender: Female
Country: United States
Age: 22 years old
Join Date: January 3rd, 2010
Last Update: January 3rd, 2010
About RockinSoul
About Me: Taken. So sorry guys but I'm in a happy relationship. BTW he is a member here. Has been for almost two years. NY Yankees fan (Wooh Go Yanks) I LUV NARUTO ( EEEEKKKK) P.S. I'm the girl on the left aka the brunette. The blond is my BFF.
Activities: Partying watching Anime listening to music hanging out with friends making out with my boyfriend
Interests: Doctor art music parties
Favorite TV Shows: don't have none
Favorite Movies: any movie that has my boyfriend in tears or scared by the end of it rofl any movie that has me jumping into my boyfriend's arms
Favorite Music: hip-hop rap metal
Favorite Books: Twilight
Favorite Quotes: What?! Can't you see I'm busy? - everyone in the world

Comments (157)

hey Mai about damn time you join took you long enough. So how you doing, Mai-Chan?

Posted by Narutovega 4 years ago

welcome ta NC ^.^
nice pic...meeeoww. lol

Posted by uchiha_kitten 4 years ago

WELCOME TO NARUTOCENTRAL!!! Have fun, and don't kill people...thats my job! =D

Posted by Akasuitai 4 years ago

Hey Wil, so sorry I couldn't respond anyway I'm doing great. I miss you a lot hurry up and come back from your vacation. I am being harassed left and right from guys asking out. It sorta is annoying. Love you.

Posted by RockinSoul 4 years ago

oh great i forgot the avatar and thanks uchiha_kitten.

Posted by RockinSoul 4 years ago

is that real?

Posted by jpam21 4 years ago

Hey there Welcome to NarutoC, hope you enjoy Do you watch any other anime's? and hows life in NY.. i assume you live there.. or close lol ^_^ btw best wishes!

Posted by Sexy-No-Jutsu 4 years ago

@ Sexy-No-Jutsu
yep, i watch Bleach, Ah! My Goddess, Suzuka, some Fairy Tail, Ouran High, Air Gear, and Darker Than Black.

Posted by RockinSoul 4 years ago

@ Sexy-No-Jutsu
no I don't live in NY but i wish i did.

Posted by RockinSoul 4 years ago

Nice anime's ^_^ You should watch Elfen Lied i recommend it it's kinda violent and don't watch if you don't like blood lol.. NY yankees fan that's why i thought you lived there.. my bad

Posted by Sexy-No-Jutsu 4 years ago

Btw it assume you don't know this.. but if someone send you a comment, click on their name and post a comment on their profile that way someone actually knows you send one I live across the ocean in a town called Amsterdam, ever heard of it? well g2g have to sleep tomorrow work >_< take care x

Posted by Sexy-No-Jutsu 4 years ago

WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!! your last name is rodriguez....MINE ALSO!!!!!!!!!!!!! do you speak spanish!?!?!??! XD

Posted by Davey_Davey 4 years ago

Welecome to NarutoC.....i wonder why girls have big breasts

Posted by ottoanubhav 4 years ago

hey greets from germany

Posted by jinchu1982 4 years ago

yo Mai, my plane leaves in an hour, so i'll probably see you around 3 ish in CT due to the four to five hours flight and the hour long ( sometimes two to three hours due to traffic jam) drive home. so see you soon ( I hope )
and thanks on the heads up. i check the weather for NY and its ridiculous.

Posted by Narutovega 4 years ago

btw i will not and shall not put up a pic of myself

Posted by Narutovega 4 years ago

anyway i got to log off. my laptop's battery is almost dead. so bye and see you in CT.

Posted by Narutovega 4 years ago

welcome to NC!

Posted by kazuki_rhen 4 years ago

heyy u alright?
hot pic... which hot girl r u? haha

Posted by gohan526 4 years ago

Wooooooooow Hugeeeeeeeeee!!! Are those real!!!!

Posted by mohammadx3 4 years ago

welcome ,your hot

Posted by fredcast31 4 years ago

wich one of the hot chicks am i talking to
(dont worry im too young for you...or am i?)

ps.they are very nice

Posted by zakata12 4 years ago

sup girl.! how was your new year party..

Posted by mangekyoeternal 4 years ago

hey Mai, you should change the pic as soon as possible.

Posted by Narutovega 4 years ago

why, you jealous that i have more views and friend requests than you. besides i put in my file that i'm taken.

Posted by RockinSoul 4 years ago

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