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SageNaruto's Polls

Question Responses
Sasuke has Itachis eyes, Naruto fully cotrols 9tails powers who is stronger? 83
Will Naruto ever be free from Nine Tailed Demon Fox? 82
Will Naruto make it in time to save Sasuke? 39
Do you think Naruto will put an end to this chain of hatred between Senju & Uchiha? 66
How many episodes do you think will TIACHI VS. SASUKE last? 52
When will we find out what Uchiha Itachi gave to Naruto? 68
Naruto will talk to Raikage and convince him to forgive Sasuke?Before or After The Summit? 55
Danzo can use Mongekyo Sharingan? 73
Danzo has his Sharingan from Uchiha Madara? 90
Which Hokage will be Naruto? 119
Do you think that "Hawk" (Sasukes team) will be capable of defeating 5 kages? 162
Who will be the last Akatsuki member? 145
what do you think will happen when sasuke comes to konoha? 113
what do you think will happen when sasuke comes to konoha? 85
After all of Akatsuki members will be defeated, u think Orochimaru will appear once again? 136
If these couples would fight, who would win? 134
Who is your favorite chrachter? 134
Naruto wants to talk with Nagato. You think he found the answer to Nagato question? 107
After Pain & Konan are defeated there are 3 Akatsuki members left. Who is Strongest? 133
What will be the last fight? 129
Do you think that Naruto can find the "Answer" to end this hatred? 120
How do you think if Itachi would kill Sasuke is there anyone capable of killing Itachi? 139
What was your reaction when you saw YONDAIME (fourth) HOKAGE? 245
Who do you think will kill Sasuke? 233
Do You Thibk Hinata Is Dead? 111
After Naruto defeats Pein do you think that his villagers will aknowledge him as hokage??? 166

Created by SageNaruto

I am a Student, I am studying at Georgian Technical university my faculty is Informational Technologies. I like to play basketball, I like to have a good time so I almost live in CLUBs xD