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Real Name: Artavis
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Age: 21 years old
Join Date: August 29th, 2007
Last Update: March 24th, 2010
About SasukePorter
About Me: Im black im into nature takeing photos of nature,viewing cost play, i like anime,playing online games,Doing Graphic Designs,Video Editing,chillin with friends im also a nice dude who is hear for his friends if u need me Talk to me :P
Activities: Drawing,Walking,viewing clouds,Graphic Designs,Video Editing,Takeing Photos,Viewing Nature,Going out with friends,Etc...
Interests: Games,Drawing,Graphic Design,Nature,Music,MORPG,Animals,Makeing my own business,and much more
Favorite TV Shows: Mostly anime
Favorite Movies: dont got one dont hate me ;-;
Favorite Music: All Kinds Dont Really Got A Favorite so hard to decide xD
Favorite Books: Manga
Favorite Quotes: Life Is Like Wine Dont Waste It

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(Thankies RandomCookieXD)


Posted by SasukePorter 5 years ago

I'm alright *hugs* hbu? How ya been?

Posted by crystalina 4 years ago

i miss random cookie :(
have you heard from her? just wondering. =D

Posted by himechan25 4 years ago

Hey Whats up...

Posted by LoveDanielle 4 years ago

my Quiz is the Hidden Leaf check it out

Posted by Jamrockg 4 years ago

its good that they're out now

Posted by Lumina-16 4 years ago

thankies..i been taken for ever to do my akatsuki nails...

but how r u?

Posted by ThickiMinaj 4 years ago

like wut !!!!

Posted by mariposa13 4 years ago

hellooooooooo im sory for the late late reply >.< i hope ur leg is all right now!! (:

Posted by boneca 4 years ago

hellooooooooo im sory for the late late reply >.< i hope ur leg is all right now!! (:

Posted by boneca 4 years ago

...when they cry is amazing

Posted by Loveless4518 4 years ago

i'm sorry , late . .

thanks ,
indah means wonderful

Posted by Cule_deidara 4 years ago

hey sasukeporter wass up

Posted by PrinceDarkshadow 4 years ago

yo homie

Posted by diablogod87 4 years ago

*Takes out ray gun* give me you're lunch money!!

Wuz up man? long time no see. ^.^

Posted by sooterman 4 years ago

whats up ... there

Posted by judoka 4 years ago

hey so whats new

Posted by yadira 3 years ago