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sasunoo's Polls

Question Responses
If you could choose one ability from naruto to have, it would be... 42
has music become better or worse in quality nowadays? 25
anime character brawl, and you choose the victor! 53
do you believe god is too simple of an explanation for the things we dont understand? 47
do you believe the bigest questions of life have simple, or complicated answers? 27
do you think the media has become corrupt? 47
do you believe you understand the world? 46
should we in the next chapters get more info on what exactly root and danzo are up too? 52
Will more of narutos close freinds die soon? 39
is the end of naruto goind to be a happy or sad ending? 51
if sakura finds sasuke in her search, do you think hell have the heart to kill her? 69
is sakura going to die? 69
Which of the two great nija clans that started it all would u want to be a descendant of? 55
When is naruto going to learn good chakra control to do a normol rasengan jutsu. 65
Whos better now naruto or sasuke? 100
now that sasuke has susanoo, is he now more powerfull then naruto and be able to kill him 134
Who has the coolest mangekyo sharingan? 56
was chapter 461 a boring manga chapter? 88
Coolest naruto character? 100
where is sasukes dark chakra coming from 112
Will naruto's awsomeoe cloak ever return?? 60
Will we ever know what kakashis freaking face look like without the mask??!! 71
what would be one word to describe naruto? 96
what would be one word to describe sasuke? 92
Who will Narutto side with during sasukes fight with the kages? 85
how would sasuke die if he actually did? 53
is sasuke and jerk and naruto awsome now 71
hows naruto gonna end? 139
what will happen next for sasuke? 105
wheres narutos cloak? 115
naruto doesent have his cloak still, wont it suck if hes donw with it? 83
Could danzo still be madara? 78
whats itachis gift gonna be? 118
who else thinks filler arcs should not exist? 61
will sauke ever get over himself and join the good guys? 100
What do you think will happen to team hawk since they failed to capture the eight tails? 79

Created by sasunoo